This GEEKend: Kollision Con, Mighty Con, and Doctor Who Trivia

The Force was not with me today.  I spent hours out in the cold for the Star Wars open casting call, only to be turned away.  I expected it; thousands of people were inevitably going to rise up from this geeky city.  However, I am still disappointed.  We were there more than 3 hours before closing time, and still didn't get seen.

Thankfully, a fun-filled weekend lies ahead.  Geeks with the Star Wars blues have not one but TWO conventions to attend.  Plus, there's a special treat for Doctor Who brainiacs who need something to do while waiting for the 50th.  Here's what's up:



Kollision Con - Every year, East and West "kollide" at Kollision Con.  This event celebrates, well, just about everything.  If you love anime, comics, cosplay, or even combat, something in Kollision Con's program book will catch your eye.  The event is in a new location this year- The Crowne Plaza O'Hare.  I'm looking forward to the change immensely.  I found Pheasant Run sort of cramped and humid.

I'll be in attendance tomorrow, likely at the sword and makeup panels, taking pics, and looking for voice actor Scott McNeil.  Geek Girl Jess (if she recovers from sad illness town) will be taking photos Saturday.  Saturday's programs will be more series-based- My Little Pony, Homestuck, Death Note, etc.  GGC's coverage of Kollision last year featured a fantastic array of cosplay photos. I can't wait to get pics of you readers again.  (Friday-Sunday, November 15th-17th.  Crowne Plaza O'Hare, 5440 North River Rd., Rosemont.  $20-$45 at the door.  Official Site * Facebook)

Kollision Con Logo

I've always wondered why it isn't "Kollision Kon."


Mighty Con - Whereas Kollision Con packs a weekend with programming, Mighty Con encourages fans to shop, shop, shop!  For one day only, attendees will browse comics, action figures, cards, and games.  The event spans two buildings, so make sure you have plenty of money at the ready.  ...or not.  Not might be safer.

If you miss this one, know that Mighty Con pops up around Illinois and Wisconsin several times a year- just follow them on social media.  This will be my first Mighty!  (Saturday, November 16th, 10AM-5PM.  DuPage County Fair Grounds, 2015 Manchester Rd., Wheaton, Buildings 2 & 3.  $5.  Official Site * Facebook* Twitter)

Mighty Con Logo

Simple. Effective. Logo.



Don't Blink: A Doctor Who Pub Quiz - I hadn't heard of the organization "Geeks Who Drink" until today.  I also hadn't gotten excited for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary until today (because of THIS).  The stars aligned perfectly; the former is hosting a pub trivia night all about the latter.  Don't Blink!  Twenty cities will be participating on the same day for large cash prizes.  Chicagoans will gather at Municipal Bar in River North.

A few ground rules: Admission will be 5 dollars.  Teams must be no larger than 6 people.  There will be no spectators at the table, and all at the table must play.  ...Oi, this is serious!  There are no reservations to be had, so show up at least an hour early.  (Saturday, November 16th, 5:30 PM.  Municipal Bar + Dining, 216 W. Ohio.  $5 + cost of drinks.)

Promotional image for Don't Blink: A Doctor Who Quiz

Don't Blink- DO drink!


Anyway, if you DID get to audition for Star Wars, won't you tell me about it below?  I'd love to live vicariously through you.  If not, I'll see you at Kollision Con or Mighty Con.  We can drown our sorrows by purchasing collectibles. <3


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