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While blogging takes up a large portion of my time, there's more to Geek Girl Chicago than just this page.  I work at a science museum.  I cosplay.  I produce audio.  My responsibilities and hobbies make me a bit of a geek expert... at least in the eyes of some.  More and more frequently, I have been given the honor of appearing elsewhere in media.

The following is a master list of my Geek Girl Chicago-related press appearances.  I will keep it updated, so if you're interested in hearing more from me, bookmark it!  Every major publication featuring me will be included.  I will NOT include websites that quote me briefly, just show pictures, or simply link back to my work.



Gametraders' Live Magazine: An international, online-only magazine, all about video games and the people who play them.
- CosplayLive - December 2014 - An interview with full-page photos, oo! They ask me about gaming, working at museums, and more.

The Geekiary: An up-and-coming geek entertainment and culture hub, now experimenting with cosplay coverage.
- Summer Cosplay Series 1x5, Lauren - 7/18/14 - Tara Lynne digs into my cosplay origin story and most meaningful memories.  I talk about Yuna from FFX a bunch.
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Inveterate Media Junkies: Reviews and general buzz surrounding comics, movies, video games, and more.
- Cosplay Confidential, featuring Lauren Rapciak! - 3/7/14 - Deanna of the IMJ asks me all about my favorite hobby in the first-ever edition of this column.  There are some rare photos here.
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RedEye: Chicago's free daily newspaper
- Geek to Me presents the Top Geek Gals of 2013 - 12/31/13 - In which my arch-nemesis, Elliott Serrano, is kind enough to choose me as one of the year's most distinguished ladies in geek culture.  Awww!

 Society Found: Midwestern pop culture news
NWI Comic-Con Recap - 2/23/14 - Stories and video from the first-ever NWI Comic-Con, including a short interview with me in my Elizabeth costume.

WBEZ 91.5: Chicago's NPR affiliate
- Nerds take Chicago - 9/20/13 - A guide to Chicago's geek culture, highlighting key organizations, performers, storefronts- even bloggers!
Chicago Comic Con not just about comics anymore - 8/9/13 - Several Chicago geek experts chime in on the current direction of Wizard World Chicago Comic Con.



Alcohollywood: Clint and Jared watch a new movie every week, then build a cocktail and drinking game around it.
- The Princess Bride - 1/8/15 - I return for an Alcohollywood solo gig, this time to talk about perhaps the greatest love story ever. Fair warning- I bring the original book, and quote it often- just like the geek I am.
- Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - 8/7/14 - This is the only podcast I've ever done alongside my husband! We were honored to be chosen for Alcohollywood's 150th episode.
- The LEGO Movie - 6/26/14 - Everything is awesome, particularly when drinking clear sangria with fruit-flavored LEGO brick ice.  Mmm~!
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Blastropodcast: Dottore Balordo, Commedia man of SCIENCE, takes his guests on funny, educational, and completely disturbing adventures. There's no other podcast like this.
- Geek and Destroy - 5/27/14 - I hijack Dottore's battle van in an attempt to take him to his first sci-fi convention.  Results are shaky.  The van is powered by bird blood, and pursued by the time traveling Doctor Why.  Gulp~
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Caffeinated Comics: Every Saturday, these guys get hopped up on lattes and cappuccinos.  They aim to discuss comics, but things frequently go off the rails in the best way.
- Xmascast - 12/22/13 - Things get deep as we discuss Doctor Who meeting Jesus, the definition of mythology, and my atheism.
- Chicago Geekcast - 11/11/13 - I defend Chicago as America's most underrated geek hub. Arcade bars! Conventions! My new car!
- Are Nerds Dead? - 4/22/13 - A general intro to GGC, and still my favorite podcast appearance ever.  Why do these boys know so much about John Hamm?!
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Chicago Nerd Social Club Podcast: The CNSC expands its influence even further with this program.  Content is both local and worldwide.
Kickoff Episode - 12/5/12 - I talk all about the Disney Star Wars buyout alongside my friend and nemesis, Elliott Serrano.
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CinemaJaw: Matt and Ry LOVE movies. Their show explores the latest offerings in theatres, Top 5 lists of classics, and everything in between.
- Best Wedding Movies - 1/19/15 - In honor of the film The Wedding Ringer, the guys list their best-ever wedding flicks. As I am Geek Girl Chicago, however, there's also quite a bit about Iron Man and The Hulk. Now there's a wedding I'd pay to see...
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OCDweeb: Sawyer's podcast covers just about everything- "movies, comics, comedy, and fiction."  In the end, episodes end up being character studies of their guests.
- Cosplayin' with Lauren Faits - 7/23/14 - While I never quite figure out the episode's topic, Sawyer does get me to talk about things I've never addressed live before. OKCupid horror stories, anyone?
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Southgate Media Group: This network of podcasts spans dozens of fandoms. I met its founder at C2E2 before he started the company. Now, it's thriving!
- Live at the Blue Box - 1/10/15 - I am interviewed at The Blue Box Cafe, a Doctor Who-themed coffee and sandwich shop in Elgin, IL. Lots of kids are in the audience. you listen closely, you can hear the crowd applaud when I talk about bullying. So proud!
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Talking Games: This offering by comedy group The Nerdologues explores the joys of gaming- table top, video games, you name it.
- EarthBounding with Lauren Faits! - 10/28/14 - Apparently, I did such a great job talking about EarthBound on my last episode, that the guys wanted more. This ep is almost exclusively me defending the title's awesomeness to two (former?) non-believers.
- Getting Angry and Going EarthBound - 3/18/14 - Everyone gets emotional over their favorite games.  I tell two tales: the veryworst game of Battlestar Galactica, and the first time I cried playing SNES.
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WHO 37: A Chicago Whovian shares his passion for Doctor Who, the longest-running sci-fi show of all time.  Geronimo!
- The Wife and the Geek Girl - 10/29/13 - What starts as a cosplay and blog plug quickly turns into a VERY long rant about why I dislike the Matt Smith seasons.  Oops~
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The Last Arcade: A now-defunct, bi-weekly show that covered pop culture, 80s nostalgia, and geek news.  Such a shame. :/
- Episode lost!! - My first podcast.  I'd love to find the episode and share it if it has been preserved.




(upcoming:) Chicago Video Game Law Summit - 3/27/15 - Speaker

- 3/29/14 - Panel Moderator (So You Want to Make an Audio Drama?) and Panelsit (Doctor Who Fandom)
- 2015 - Cosplay Contest Judge

Doctor Who 101 - 7/19/14 - Panelist at a Doctor Who intro event by the Chicago Nerd Social Club.

Eisenhower Public Library Mini Comic Con - 9/6/14 - Cosplay Contest Judge

Nakama Toys - 7/19/14 - Costume contest judge at the Japanese toy store's grand opening.

NWI Comic-Con
- 2/23/14 - VIP Guest & Cosplay Contest Judge
- 2/21/15 - VIP Guest & Cosplay Contest Judge

Windycon 41 - 11/14/14-11/16/14 - Fan Guest of Honor



Her Universe - Fashion line and Internet home of Ashley Eckstein, voice of Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
- Fangirl of the Day: Lauren - 12/13/13 - Ashley was sweet enough to feature me and my humble blog during her year-long celebration of fangirls.  Folks say I look like her sister when I wear my Rose wig.

Irrational Games - Creators of the BioShock video game franchise
- Cosplayers of Dragon Con - 9/18/13 -Yes, I am shamelessly linking this because it talks about my engagement.


Want me for a podcast, convention, article, show, or other feature?  Comment below, or write to geekgirlchicago(at)gmail(dot)com.

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