Kollision Con 2013 Recap: New Location FTW

As I lie on the couch, burning up with a fever, I reflect on last weekend.  I was healthy, energetic, and having fun at Kollision Con 2013. ...I'm actually betting I caught the flu (aka "con crud") at Kollision, but that's not important.

The convention where East "kollides" with West is still very much an anime-dominated event.  The guest list (a richer selection than last year's) was populated with anime voice actors.  The Dealer's Hall was filled with anime statues (and a few My Little Pony goods).  I remember enjoying events like this when I was much younger.  Kollision Con made me feel awfully old.  When I saw VA Scott McNeil surrounded by fangirls, though, just as he was a decade ago, I felt a little more at home.  Some things never change. ;)

Kollision Con's biggest win in 2013 was its new location.  Pheasant Run had been difficult to navigate, not to mention humid. The Crowne Plaza O'Hare let the event spread its wings.  At least on Friday, there was room to spare in every panel room.  Loki's Date Auction seemed to be the most popular thing that day.  On Saturday, the Masquerade ruled.  Photographers had a bit of a hard time in general; photo ops in the crowded hallways stopped traffic.  Security kept on Jess and me, but couldn't recommend better locations to photograph from.  We still managed to collect a decent gallery.

Geek Girl Jess and I met a slew of fun cosplayers.  The most popular costumes were once again from Homestuck- a cornerstone of young conventions.  Attack on Titan also had a significant presence.  I was extraordinarily happy to see some Doctor Who fans getting ready for the 50th Anniversary, as well as more than one person dressing up from Catherine.  More people HAVE to get into that video game!

Here are the shots GGC captured at Kollision Con 2013.  If you see yourself, please respond below, on Facebook, or Twitter.  Feel free to also share what you liked (or didn't) about the convention.  It helps me decide where I'll be going next year!  ...also, let me know if YOU got the con crud, because this is no fun.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to finish a barrel full of ice water in hopes that my temperature comes down.


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