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This GEEKend: WolfCon and Chicago TARDIS

Happy Thanksgiving, geeks!  I woke up early to write so that I could make it out to my parents’ house later.  I have the Macy’s parade and subsequent dog show on TV- just two of many annual traditions. The Chicago geek community has two Thanksgiving traditions of its own: WolfCon and Chicago TARDIS.  Both are... Read more »

In Defense of Han Solo Getting the Girl (Inspired by RedEye's Elliott Serrano)

EDIT: Elliott posted a rebuttal to this post!  You can find it HERE. ***** On November 20th, Elliott Serrano of RedEye posted the following on Facebook: And here is the biggest problem I have with Star Wars in a nutshell: Luke Skywalker sees Princess Leia for the first time, falls in love and crosses a galaxy... Read more »

Kollision Con 2013 Recap: New Location FTW

Haruko and Kanti from FLCL
As I lie on the couch, burning up with a fever, I reflect on last weekend.  I was healthy, energetic, and having fun at Kollision Con 2013. …I’m actually betting I caught the flu (aka “con crud”) at Kollision, but that’s not important. The convention where East “kollides” with West is still very much an... Read more »

This GEEKend: Kollision Con, Mighty Con, and Doctor Who Trivia

The Force was not with me today.  I spent hours out in the cold for the Star Wars open casting call, only to be turned away.  I expected it; thousands of people were inevitably going to rise up from this geeky city.  However, I am still disappointed.  We were there more than 3 hours before... Read more »

MORE Geek Girl Chicago: Press, Podcasts, and Appearances

While blogging takes up a large portion of my time, there’s more to Geek Girl Chicago than just this page.  I work at a science museum.  I cosplay.  I produce audio.  My responsibilities and hobbies make me a bit of a geek expert… at least in the eyes of some.  More and more frequently, I... Read more »

This GEEKend: John Williams, Doctor Who Children's Library Day, and Press Start!

In my previous post, I mentioned that I will only be at Windycon for one day.  It’s with good reason; this weekend is JAM-PACKED with geeky goodness across Chicago and its suburbs.   It will be a particularly joyful time for music-lovers and geeks with children.  Check out these fun things to do:   ALL WEEKEND:... Read more »

Windycon 40: A Huge Sci-Fi Convention Anniversary this Weekend

I’ve had quite the experience with Windycon 40, and it hasn’t even started yet!  Apparently, in 40 years of existence, the event has never given out press passes.  This has resulted in some long waits and longer e-mails.  Thankfully, everything is clear now. Geek Girl Jess and I will be at at Windycon tomorrow, November... Read more »

This GEEKend: Tokens, Tankards, and The Multiverse vs. George Lucas

I spent all of yesterday in full face makeup as Scar from The Lion King (see pictures on my Twitter).  Then, my fiance and I threw a Halloween shindig that doubled as our Engagement Party.  People brought beer, Booberry cereal, and Ghoul-Aid!  ADULTHOOD!!  Thinking I’d have today off, I happily drank and stayed up late.... Read more »