This GEEKend: 137 Films Science Fair, The Nerdologues, and Dodgeball Dungeon

Yesterday, I had martinis and several desserts for dinner.  My car had just cost me over $600 in repairs, I was stressed out, and had a Groupon to Solstice.  It was delicious.  Then, I was rewarded with the worst stomach ache of my entire life.  Being an adult means you can finally have dessert for dinner, but your body can no longer handle it.  It's... pretty much horrible.

I intend on making better choices this weekend.  Or, at the very least, I can encourage my readers to spend their time more wisely.  Here are three geeky events in Chicago over the next few days:



137 Films presents The Science Fair - Chicago-based production company 137 Films has been releasing science documentaries since 2008.  The Atom Smashers was broadcast on PBS.  The Believers won a Gold Hugo.  Making films isn't free, however, and The Science Fair is quite a fundraiser!  The event will be "part science experiment, part film screening, and part gala."  The night's top raffle prize is enticing- two VIP tickets to The Colbert Report.  Plus, the silent auction is billed as "the most unusual in Chicago."  With partners like American Science and Surplus in the house, the party will no doubt be a hub of mad science.  Also booze.  (Friday, October 4th, 6:30-9:30 PM. 1133 W. Fulton Market.  $50 advance HERE, $60 at the door.  Facebook)

137 Films The Science Fair Promotional Poster

Why, that machine is practically MADE of science!



The Nerdologues present Screw These Guys, AMIRITE?! - It has been a while since I sent The Nerdologues some love.  If you read Geek Girl Chicago with any regularity, you already know about these brilliantly funny geeks.  It's time again for their monthly sketch show.  The theme appears to just be "screw it."  There are few other details posted, but rumor has it that comedy band The Shock T's have something prepared.  If you haven't seen a Nerdologues show yet, screw you.  ...I...I didn't mean that.  I was just going along with the title.  (Sunday, October 6th, 7PM.  The Public House Theatre, 3914 N. Clark.  $5.  Facebook)

The Nerdologues Screw These Guys Am I Right Promotional Poster



Dodgeball Dungeon: When I think of dodgeball, I think of being a gym class loser, targeted by bullies and always picked last.  Yikes.  Dodgeball Dungeon can't change that.  However, this new show just might build some positive dodgeball imagery to go alongside the horrible stuff.  It's an interactive game show featuring audience heroes.  Volunteers fight their way through various levels of dodgeball peril.  If they die, a new audience member must rise in their place.  Sounds epic, right?  Even if it doesn't, my co-worker totally created this so... maybe just help him out, OK?  (Sundays thru November 17th, 8:30 PM.  ComedySportz, 929 W. Belmont.  $10, includes admission to Chicago Improv League.  Official Site * Facebook)

Dodgeball Dungeon Promotional Poster

Each show comes with original pixel art. WIN.


Seems like a rad weekend, geeks!  Have fun, but don't forget to make good choices.  My stomach still doesn't feel right.


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