10 Theme Ideas for Your Geeky Halloween Party

My favorite holiday is just around the corner- Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!!  Last year, I brought you Dos and Don'ts for Geeky Halloween Costumes. This year, I'm zooming out to address overall party themes.

I know, I know, "Halloween" is sort of a theme by itself.  However, I believe in setting yourself apart.  Ask yourself: How can YOUR party stand out from the dozens of other shindigs in October?  More importantly, how creative can you get?  The costume shops seem to think "sexy" and "scary" are the only options, but Halloween can be so much more!

Here are ten geeky theme ideas for Halloween that I dreamed up.  Hopefully, they'll inspire your festivities:

1. Science Costume Party - I'm starting off easy.  First, choose a broad science category- planets, the Periodic Table of Elements, etc.  Then, make costumes mandatory.  This isn't as brutal as it sounds.  Disinterested parties can put on a metallic dress and be gold or silver.  Artsy types can go all-out.  For the friend who is a total punk and shows up without a costume, you can have foil and glitter at-the-ready.  Hello, aluminum!

2.Harry Potter All Grown Up - Hogwarts has become a tired theme. Think about this, though- the last Harry Potter book was released over 6 years ago!  How fun would it be to dress up as J. K. Rowling's characters as adults?  Yes, I know the author wrote an epilogue; it was WAY too sugary.  I want to see caffeine-addicted-powersuit-wearing-Hermione, stay-at-home-dad Ron, and struggling-to-live-up-to-the-expectations-of-his-ridiculously-grandiose-childhood Harry.  Accio Therapist!

3. Disney Star Wars - Disney and Star Wars are so popular that you can find manufactured cups, plates, and favors at any party store.  Why not both?  I'm dying to see the mashups, what with the buyout.  Give me fairy tale Princess Leia- now.  The best part about this theme is that it can be done with pessimism OR optimism.  Think Disney Star Wars is gonna rule?  Stab into a bloody Jar Jar Binks cake.  Think Disney Star Wars is gonna rock?  Stab into a bloody Jar Jar Binks cake!

4. Rejects, Misfits... - We can't all be perfect Gryffindors and Disney princesses.  In every fandom, there are second string characters who don't get to be heroes.  If you like Ant Man or Squirrel Girl, consider filling your party with their lot!  A few starter suggestions:  Avengers, Sailor Senshi, Pokémon, My Little Pony.  ...Oh man, I need to make a Breaking Bad-inspired Heisenberg pony TONIGHT.

5. Party in Rapture - If there are non-geeks coming to your party, would you kindly consider a BioShock theme?  It could be done very subtly.  Have your guests wear masks.  Turn on some 30s or 40s music.  Put up some propaganda posters and fish decorations.  To the untrained eye, this would look like a vintage masquerade ball.  Gamers, however, would know the truth.  (Runner-up concept for this theme: The Citadel from Mass Effect)

6. Time Travelers' Gala - This one is pretty obvious.  Put Doc Brown, Bill, Ted, The Doctor, and all other Time Travelers into a room together.  Discuss the past.  Discuss the future.  Drink, repeat.  This gathering would also be a lovely home for anyone dressed as a historical figure- Cleopatra, Amelia Earhart, and the like!

7. Red Shirt Convention - There are only two costume requirements for this party:  1. Everyone wears a red shirt (preferably with a Star Trek insignia pin attached).  2. Everyone wears something to represent how their poor, unnamed Enterprise crew member died.  Yes, there are obvious ones like alien virus.  However, I'd pay to see death by Tribbles, 60s hairstyle, Shatner mugging, or other loving jab at the beloved series.

8. The World of a Specific Author or Director - OK, maybe I'm getting a little cerebral here, but go with me.  Picture your house.  Now, picture your house as directed by James Cameron, or written by Neil Gaiman.  SO FUN!  A J. J. Abrams party could just be a bunch of flashlights mounted in annoying, blinding places.  A Michael Bay party could be filled with scantily-clad women and fiery, exploding drinks.  Please, though- be careful at the George R. R. Martin and Joss Whedon parties!  I want you to survive Halloween.

9. You Win or You Die - Speaking of George R. R. Martin, why not a party including games and challenges?  An enthusiastic host could create geeky, competitive activities.  Purchase a marshmallow-shooting bow for archery straight out of The Hunger Games.  Play "Pin the Decapitated Head on the Game of Thrones Character."   Heck, start collecting cardboard for a Pacific Rim jaeger-building contest.  ...No, really.  Can someone please arrange a jaeger-building contest and invite me??

10. Benedict Cumberbash - ...Actually, I don't know what happens at a Benedict Cumberbash.  I just wanted to write that.

Firefly Cosplay Costumes

The year my friends and I dressed up as HEARTBREAK!!

Do you have any more geeky theme ideas?  Post 'em below, the funnier the better!  If you use any of these Halloween concepts, TAKE PICTURES.  I'd be so flattered that I'd scream, even if I were in my quiet cubicle at my day job.  <3

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