This GEEKend: Dan Con and a Second Game of Thrones Beer

Wow, readers- my face was all over the Internet today.  The Official BioShock Facebook page featured my engagement story, and The Onion published an article using my photo.  All of my social networking pages have been flooded with these two things, over and over...!  I'm flattered.  :)  However, the inundation of links made it slightly harder to dig up this weekend's events.

Here's what I got- I'll be at both.


Dan Con - The beautiful thing about small, local conventions is that they highlight small, local shops and creators.  Dan Con will last just one afternoon.  However, a small time frame doesn't mean a small guest list.  The suburban show boasts over 50 creators, lots of exclusives, and 15 sellers.  Comic books will be the main fare for purchase- SO MANY COMICS!!

If you go, don't miss the opportunity to play with the folks from Galactic Force.  They taught me to paint minis, and will be bringing HeroClix, Warhammer, board games, and more.  The chance to hang out with such cool gamers is worth the $3 admission alone.  (Saturday, September 21st, 10AM-4PM.  Orland Park Civic Center, 14750 S. Ravinia Ave., Orland Park.  $3.  Official Site * Facebook)

Promotional image for Dan Con

Decapitated heads appear to be a theme?


Take the Black Stout Launch Party - Remember my review of the previous Game of Thrones beer?  I sure do- I loved it!  Now, Brewery Ommegang is launching its follow-up.  Take the Black Stout is an earthy, woody tribute to the Night's Watch of A Song of Ice and Fire.  If you wanna try it ASAP, get to The Logan Theatre Saturday night.  River North Beer and G-Mart Comics will be celebrating there, Westeros style.

Large glasses of Take the Black will be available for $7.  Of course, costumes are encouraged!  Those who dress up will be judged on "creativity, realism, and devotion" for prizes.  Blackwater, one of the most intense episodes of Game of Thrones, will be shown.  I'll be there to take your photo; priority will go to those who call me "Khaleesi."  ;P

RSVP is necessary, and only a few slots are left- hurry!  ...Did I mention that your RSVP doubles as an automatic entry to WIN THE IRON THRONE??  OMGreyjoy!!  (Saturday, September 21st, 7PM.  The Logan Theater, 2646 N. Milwaukee.  FREE + the cost of beer. RSVP required HERE.)

Promotional Image for Brewery Ommengang's Take the Black Stout launch event at Logan Theatre

Like a fire that burns against the cold...


Hmm, I wonder if I can finish my Margaery Tyrell vest by Saturday night?  I bet I could... if I really put my mind to it, and worked for hours, and-

Nah, forget it, I'm going to Emporium tonight.

Oh!  By the way, if you like super-secret beer parties, sign up with River North Beer.  They're a lovely source for craft beer news and events in Chicago, and I KNOW I have some beer geeks reading GGC. :)


NEXT TIME: A product review!  Frakker Lacquer's Star Wars-themed nail polish, The Force Collection.

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