This GEEKend: Raks Geek Bellydance, Hulk Party, and Dating for Nerds

Life as a geek blogger is pretty cool.  I received two awesome things today: a sketch of Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite by comic artist Erik Burnham, and an invitation for a second appearance on Caffeinated Comics.  Yes and yes!  I also get the constant privilege of writing about Chicago geek culture, so that's pretty rad.

Speaking of, here are three events coming up this GEEKend that I recommend:

1. Raks Geek - You may recognize this bellydancing, fire spinning crew from a certain viral YouTube video of a shimmying Wookiee.  Rowr!  Lucky for all of us, Raks Geek is returning with a two-day performance.  This talented group is part silly, part sexy, and ALL geek.  I recently got to meet Dawn in-person (finally!) and she is lovely.  I can't wait to see what edgy hybrid of fandom and dance Raks Geek comes up with next!  (Friday and Saturday, August 16th and 17th, 11PM.  Prop Thtr, 3502 N. Elston.  $19.75, buy tickets HERE.  Official Site * Facebook)

Raks Geek Belly Dance and Fire Spinning promo

The banner sort of hides it, but Zelda is doing the splits!


2. Hulk Party - Another viral sensation!  Remember the Indiegogo campaign I plugged to get the Northlake Library a Hulk statue?  They succeeded!  LA Boxing in California donated their Hulk to the cause (notice the boxing gloves).  Thus, all of the money from Internet donors will go to library improvements like a 3D printer and expanded graphic novel collection.  Woohoo!  The campaign is throwing a party in Chicago to raise just a bit more for the library.  Come out Saturday for drinks, food sales, and good times.  The statue itself will be unveiled in Northlake on September 12th.  (Saturday, August 17th, 7PM.  Gladstone Lounge and Liquors, 5734 N. Milwaukee.  FREE, donations encouraged. * Facebook)

LA Boxing Hulk Statue for Northlake Library

The actual statue, which has come from California.


3. Dating for Nerds - 'Tis the season for geek-exclusive dating events!  Nerds at Heart is sponsoring a singles' gathering on Saturday at Mad River- which is, by the way, becoming a hot location for geek parties.  Participants will get drink specials, prizes, giveaways, and the chance to meet someone new.  Have fun, gentle readers!  As I have not been on the market for quite a while, I've yet to attend one of these.  It would be great if a GGC reader could report back on the quality.  ...or, I could infiltrate in disguise, but I think that would be wrong of me.  (Saturday, August 17th, 4-7PM.  Mad River, 2909 N. Sheffield.  $30, preregistration required HERE.)


Just a short one today, geeks!  I have a lot of sewing to do for Dragon Con.  (Yes, mom and dad, this is why I haven't called.)  Thankfully, I have a guest post or two in the pipes.  Get ready for greatness.

PS. For those asking, no, I did not watch Heroes of Cosplay.  For a solid review, go read fellow CN blogger Alter Ego Maniac.


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