Cosplay Photos from Relay for Life: Fight Cancer with Team GEEK!

Every now and then, I plug events hosted by local Relay for Life Team, "Team GEEK."  This amazing group raises funds for the American Cancer Society by cosplaying, sponsoring Hambingo, even photographing a knit duck with celebrities.  This past Friday, they participated in the Norridge/Harwood Heights Relay for Life.

At the event, costumed characters walked and took photos with kids.  A duck pull game rewarded participants with princess and superhero prizes.  The Evil Queen from Disney's Snow White sold caramel apples; thankfully, no children fell into an enchanted sleep!   There was even a TARDIS.

I'm not usually one for causes, but these friends of mine are doing great work.  Team GEEK still needs to raise about $1750 in the next 2 weeks to meet their 2013 goal.  Need more incentive?  Anyone who donates just $5 or more is entered into a raffle for $15 in RIPT Apparel credit.  RIPT sells the best geeky t-shirts around, and is local, too!  The drawing takes place on August 26th.

Geek Girl Jess took a few photos at the Norridge/Harwood Heights Relay.  Click through the below gallery to enjoy the adventures of Captain America, Merida, Ness, and more. CLICK HERE to donate alongside Team GEEK today.


NEXT TIME: Events this GEEKend in Chicago, including fandom-inspired bellydance.

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