This GEEKend: Anime Midwest 2013 (and Surrounding Controversy)

EDIT:  A reader has brought to my attention this Official Statement from Ryan Kopf.  I'm glad for the clarification; as a result, people who had been worried got to enjoy Anime Midwest.  Full coverage of the event is coming soon.  Thanks for the spot!

Happy Independence Day!  Now, let me tell you why I hate fireworks.  On a previous 4th of July, I had fallen asleep next to my laptop on the couch.  A huge firework went off right outside the window.  I was startled awake, and knocked the expensive iBook to the floor, where it died.  CURSE FIREWORKS!!  ...OK, I guess it was sort of my fault.  To keep myself from making the same mistake, I'm going to stay conscious and write about this GEEKend.

Anime Midwest, a Japanese animation convention in its third year, is returning to Rosemont tomorrow.  All isn't sunshine and J-Pop, though.  A police report has been making the rounds online.  The document depicts convention chair Ryan Kopf as an alleged rapist.  I don't wish to state a personal opinion.  However, I advise GGC readers to do their research and make educated decisions before attending the convention and joining discussions on the issue.

This year's Anime Midwest will be at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare, July 5th-7th.  Sadly, the guest I was most looking forward to (Ellen McLain, voice of GLaDOS), canceled.  Also, the program book has at least one event booked twice, simultaneously, in separate rooms.  Oh boy!

Here are 5 things I'm still looking forward to at Anime Midwest:

1. Quinton Flynn - The voice actor behind several of my favorite fictional hunks, including Axel from Kingdom Hearts, Reno from FFVII: Advent Children, and Jonny Quest.  Have I mentioned on this blog yet how much I LOVE Jonny Quest?  I'll save it for another time...

2.  Fashion Shows - Local models will be showing off looks from designers Victorian Angel, Industrialkitty, mossbadger, and Paradise Rose.  I appreciate when cons have runway shows outside of cosplay.  (Sunday at 11AM)

3. How to Make Bento Workshop - It sounds silly, but I'd totally love to assemble those adorable lunches!  (Saturday at 2PM)  Other practical workshops this weekend include samurai swordsmanship and lightstring dancing.

4.  Cosplay Chess - This idea is OLD SCHOOL.  I remember hearing about it at MetroCon a decade ago. I'm glad to see Cosplay Chess making a comeback.  (Sunday at 4PM)

5. Taking photos of cosplayers! - This is the best part... when I'm not in my own costume, that is.  I'll be taking photos of Anime Midwest's talented cosplayers on Saturday.  Photographer Jess will be around for the full weekend.  Watch out for GGC business cards and buttons! :)

Please post below if you'll be at Anime Midwest!!  Let me know what costume to look for, and I'll do my best to get a pic.

AnimeMidwest logo 2013

Anime Midwest logo

Anime Midwest 2013 - July 5th-7th.  Hyatt Regency O'Hare, 9300 Bryn Mawr Ave., Rosemont.  $30/day, $45/weekend.  477 tickets remaining at time of publication.  Official Site * Facebook * Twitter


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