This Week in Geek: Geek Bar, Steamstock, and Nerd's Night Out

Geek Girl Chicago, Geek Bar Chicago, Nerds at Heart, Chicago Nerd Social Club... things aimed at this subculture often put "Geek" or "Nerd" right in the title, don't they?  Guilty as charged.  I still haven't decided if this tendency is inclusive or exclusive, though.  On one hand, there isn't a "Trendy Jock Sports Bar."  On the other, does the word "sports" already imply that I don't belong?  Am I less of a geek for loving the Da Bears?  I hope not.

This week, I searched for three events in Chicago that will do something to break down geek stereotypes.  Observe:


1. Geek Bar Chicago Kickstarter Launch Party - Believe it or not, the guys behind this project have been told "Geeks don't drink."  Ha!  Yea, OK, whatever. IF ANYTHING, perhaps I spend less money on booze and more on board games.  However, Geek Bar Chicago is the kind of place I'd prioritize... when it opens, that is.

Cantina Forward has big dreams for Geek Bar.  The vision includes movie nights, gaming tournaments, themed drinks, a discount for cosplayers, and more.  Every geek I know is talking about this place... and it doesn't exist yet!

For now, it's all about fundraising.   The official Geek Bar Kickstarter launches on Tuesday.  A kickoff celebration will be held tomorrow at Mad River with The Chicago Game Lovers.  Donations are, of course, encouraged.  The truly generous will get some crazy perks, including the opportunity to flip a board game off of a table.  Nice.  I could use a good ragequit... and a good bar.

(Tuesday, July 23rd, 6-11PM.  Mad River, 2909 N. Sheffield.  Donations appreciated.  More info on Geek Bar HERE.)

Geek Bar Chicago logo

Geek Bar Chicago logo. For science.


Steamstock Train Tour - I must admit, when I think of Steampunk, I only think of the costuming.  Gears, corsets, goggles, brass weapons- this is the Steampunk stereotype to me.  A GGC reader, Michelle F, told me about  Steamstock today.  I'm glad she did; I love having my eyes opened to new art!

Three bands are touring the country by train, stopping in major cities for steam-powered shenanigans.  Steamstock rolls into Chicago tomorrow.  Billed as the first-ever Steampunk music tour, the event features music by Frenchy & The PunkThe Cog is Dead, and This Way to the Egress.  If you aren't going to the Geek Bar Chicago event- or, if you'd simply rather spend the evening as an airship pirate- consider Steamstock.

(Tuesday, July 23rd, 9PM.  Wise Fools Pub, 2270 N. Lincoln.  $15, age 21+)

Promotional poster for Steamstock

I just heard about this event today!


Nerd's Night Out - There's a WORLD of negative stereotypes surrounding geeks' dating habits... or lack thereof.  It took me a while to find a guy whom I could cosplay, game, and discuss science with, but I did.  Geek guys and gals are out there!  Project Fixup is collaborating with The Chicago Nerd Social Club this week to help you find them.

Nerd's Night Out is happening Thursday at Emporium.  Each drink purchased will earn 2 tokens for use at the arcade games.  Hopefully, though, gaming will take a back seat to socialization.  Events like these are great opportunities to meet kindred spirits, particularly if you're new to Chicago.  RSVP and let your geek flag fly!

(Thursday, July 25th, 7-10 PM. Emporium Arcade Bar, 1366 N. Milwaukee.  FREE, RSVP HERE.)

Promotional poster for Nerd's Night Out at Emporium Arcade Bar

Nerd's Night Out, where you can meet the Pac-Man to your pixelated ghost.


All for now, geeks.  I'm going to go be a stereotype of a mid-to-late-20-something and go to bed early on a work night.  See you in the city.  Find me at the Geek Bar event for a Geek GIRL button!


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