C2E2 2013 Recap: People-Watching Instead of Programming

A week has passed since C2E2 2013.  I've had time to reflect, to rejuvenate... to heal the huge blisters on my feet from my Envy Adams boots (attractive, I know).  This year's Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo was the biggest yet.  It was a BLAST meeting so many of Chi-town's geeks.  Before the photos, though, some words on the con:

C2E2 2013 was held in McCormick Place's West building.  Cosplayers rejoice!  Every parking lot became a feasible walk away.

I got my badge super-quickly thanks to a knowledgeable staff.  Press people rejoice!  My press experience was much better than at that one other Chicago powerhouse con.

The layout was generally guest-friendly.  I will always appreciate the carpet and wide aisles.  There were a few areas that were difficult to navigate, namely around the Variant Stage, but I'm not sure there was a better option.  I particularly loved the food court suspended above the show floor.  It allowed for awesome people-watching and R&R- the way I spent most of my weekend.

If C2E2 could improve in one big way, it would be the panel spaces.  The "Fake Geek Girl" panel, which I was forced to miss, had 3x the people wanting to come in than the room allowed.  Overcrowding happened at the Felicia Day Q&A, too, as well as other events.  On the bright side, 2013 WAS C2E2's best year ever for programming.  Hopefully, the demand will mean a lesson learned.

What else is there to say?  I love C2E2!  They've been all over the community this year, from comic shops to the St. Patrick's Day Parade.  Their mobile app, while not perfect (why couldn't I attach times to my To-Do list...?), was helpful.  Chipper signage, a responsive social networking team, and kid-friendly programming all score points.  I wish I had known when costume contest pre-registration had opened, but there's always next year.

On to the photos!  Geek Girl Jess (the usual) and Laura J (a newcomer) provided these images.  My apologies if the number is overwhelming!  From now on, I'll be splitting big events by day for easier navigation  'Til then, enjoy, and post below if you see yourself.

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