This GEEKend: Star Trek Improv, Doctor Who Photo Shoot, and Archer Live!

After spending over a month sick this Winter, I'm pretty disappointed to have caught another cold.  Thankfully for you, gentle reader, my day off work gave me lots of time to hunt for weekend events.  Here's what's good in Chicago geek:


TOMORROW, Friday the 5th:

Improvised Star Trek's First Contact Countdown - Fifty years from Friday, first contact with extraterrestrial life will be made... in the Star Trek universe, at least.  Science fiction or not, this calls for a countdown celebration!  Improvised Star Trek and The Nerdologues will be bringing the funny. Plan 9 Burlesque will turn up the heat... but that's not all.  I'll be making a brief appearance to face off against The RedEye's resident geek, Elliott Serrano, in a Match Game-esque competition.  I may not be a Star Trek expert, but I AM one hell of a smack-talker.  I need a cheering section.  Make it so!  (Friday, April 5th, 7:30 PM.  The Public House Theatre, 3914 N. Clark.  $10, buy tickets HERE.)

Improvised Star Trek Chicago actors

The cast of Improvised Star Trek


Archer Live! - As I spent most of my sick day on the couch, I got to watch several episodes of Archer with my geek guy.  I'd forgotten how much I loved this spy cartoon for grownups.   If I weren't already doing the Star Trek thing tomorrow, I'd definitely go to Archer Live!  The event sounds a lot like what you'd get at a convention.  The voice actors will be on-stage to read scenes, discuss the show, and answer audience questions.  No fan should miss it!  (Friday, April 5th, 8 PM.  The Chicago Theatre, 175 N. State.  $36.75-$46.75, buy tickets HERE.)  

Archer Live Chicago promo pic

Archer Live!


SATURDAY the 6th:

Doctor Who Cosplay Photoshoot - If you're like me, you've spent hundreds of dollars on screen-accurate clothes seen on Doctor Who.  I mean, pretty much everyone does that, right?  ...Right?  Erm...  STILL, Whovians from all over the Chicago area will be gathering this weekend for their 8th semiannual photo shoot.  I've been a few times as Rose Tyler.  The group is very welcoming, and would surely enjoy extra characters, photographers and lunch buddies, costumed or not.  (Saturday, April 6th, 10AM.  Montrose Beach, 4400 N. Lake Shore Drive.  FREE.)

Rose Tyler Cosplayers from Doctor Who

Several Rose Tylers (I'm on the far right!) at a previous photoshoot.


SUNDAY the 7th:

The Nerdologues present: We're All Gonna Live Forever! - I plug The Nerdologues all the time because they're true geeks, genuinely funny, and there's always someone interesting to meet in the audience.  This time, they're doing a sketch show.  The title We're All Gonna Live Forever! comes from the Konami Code, the most famous series of button presses in gaming history.  Come out and laugh!  Unfortunately, the price of admission does not buy 999 lives.  (Sunday, April 7th, 7PM.  The Public House Theatre, 3914 N. Clark.  $5.)

The Konami Code

The Konami Code at its craftiest.


Wow, blogging takes a lot longer when I'm ill.  That's all for now, as I have some serious resting to do; tomorrow's gonna be a big, Trektacular day. :)


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