This GEEKend: Zombies, Werewolves, and a Sci-Fi Spectacular

This article is being published much later than I'd like.  Long story short, I took an accidental nap that was... very long.  Now, it's midnight, and I'm going to encourage you to check out some events that are happening tomorrow.  Er, today.  Better late than never!


TODAY, Saturday, March 9th:

Sci-Fi Spectacular - The Portage Theater, home of Can't Stop the Serenity, celebrates science fiction year-round.  Today marks the beginning of The Sci-Fi Spectacular there.  It's a 24-hour movie event in its seventh year.  For a flat rate, visitors can enjoy a wide spectrum of titles- The Dark Crystal, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Battle Royale, and more.  There will also be a peppering of fan films and trailers.  If the idea of hours in a dark theatre is daunting to you, gentle reader, fear not!  Dealers' tables, auctions, and special guests will be set up in the lobby.  Plus, you'll be just a few footsteps away from Fantasy Costumes- a nice place to pick up cosplay supplies.  (The Portage Theater, 4050 N. Milwaukee.  11AM Saturday - 12PM Sunday.  $28.  Buy tickets HERE or at the door.  FREE parking!)


Sci-Fi Spectacular Poster

Sci-Fi Spectacular Poster

There are a couple of other fun options this weekend that I've already mentioned in GGC:

1. The Planetary Defense Force in: RUMBLE ON MOUNT APOCALYPSE - This part video game, part action movie, part improv show has been running for several weeks, as previously covered.  This show will be their season finale.  I'll be there!  Zombies will be there!!  (TODAY, Saturday, March 9th, 6PM.  The Playground Theater, 3209 N. Halsted.  $5.)

2.  Game Night:  Werewolf with The Nerdologues - The last time The Nerdologues comedy group hosted a round of werewolf, it went well.  So well, apparently, that they're doing it again!  Come out, game a little, and howl at the moon.  (Sunday, March 10th, 5PM.  The Public House Theatre, 3914 N. Clark.  FREE.)


Oh, darn, it's past midnight!  I should go to bed, but my accidental nap really screwed things up.  The only solution is Assassin's Creed until I tip over...

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