St. Patrick's Day GEEKend: They Might Be Giants, Fanfiction Live, and More

St. Patrick's Day is huge in Chicago thanks to beer, parades, and the famous green dye in the Chicago River.  Did you know that the dye is still a "secret formula?"   SOMEONE has to know what's in there- I can't believe they'd let that much gunk get dumped, otherwise!   I'll be marching for C2E2 in the parade on Saturday dressed as Rose Tyler from Doctor Who.  It's gonna be freezing but fun!

Anyway, this is potentially the heftiest "GEEKend" post I've composed.  Lots of local organizations must be betting on St. Patty's crowds.  Here are a few of my recommendations; I'll try to stay brief, as there are so many...



Fan Fiction Live! - Want to see Han Solo and Mal Reynolds in a shootout?  How about an Enterprise away mission to Westeros?   The Nerdologues' final improv show at iO, Fan Fiction Live, is about to make your dreams come true.  A HUGE cast of improvisers (including MYSELF!!) will be acting out fanfic suggestions from the audience.  I'm honored to be a part of it, and I'd be even MORE honored if it sells out.  (TONIGHT, Friday, March 15th, midnight.  Improv Olympic Annex.  3541 N. Clark St.  $5.)

Fan Fiction Live banner image

Fan Fiction Live! - image credit


SATURDAY the 16th:

The Space Invaders Documentary Screening - My friend Scott out at The Underground Retrocade is really excited for this one.  His arcade will be showing The Space Invaders, a festival award-winning video game documentary.  It's all about nostalgia, collecting, and the rush of getting a high score.  Guests will be seeing the film before it airs on pay-per-view.  If you can get out to West Dundee, the location is worth a visit for its games alone.  (Saturday, March 16th, 11AM.  Underground Retrocade, 1 E. Main St., West Dundee.  $5-15.)

Promo movie poster for The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time

Space Invaders Documentary Promo - image credit


Wings of Fantasy Dance - I always like to include a little somethin'-somethin' for the anime fans.  The Japanese American Service Committee wishes to unite fans of the culture with a networking gala.  The Wings of Fantasy Dance will include music, food, and photography.  Cosplay is not required, but will be permitted and celebrated with a contest.  The raffle prizes look especially nice; I'd love a basket of CLAMP-themed gifts!  (Saturday, March 16th, 6PM.  Japanese American Service Committee, 4427 N. Clark.  $15 in advance HERE, $20 at the door.)

Promotional poster for the JASC's Wings of Fantasy Dance

Wings of Fantasy Ball - image credit


They Might Be Giants - Yes, anyone who follows my Twitter knows I snagged TMBG tickets as a Valentine's gift for my geek guy.  There's not much to say about this one.  The iconic singers of "Particle Man," "Birdhouse in Your Soul," "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)," and "Why Does the Sun Shine?" are touring.  There will likely be lots of songs from their new album, Nanobots.  The whole endeavor will be awesome.  (Saturday, March 16th, 7:30 PM.  The Vic, 3145 N. Sheffield.  $26.50, buy tickets HERE.) 

They Might Be Giants black and white portrait

They Might Be Giants - photo credit


The Universe Tour - Are you ready for SIX HOURS of geek rock?!  I'm not exaggerating when I say that The Universe Tour will be the biggest geek concert in Chicago thus far.  Check out this list of acts:  Arc Impulse, Time Crash, il Troubadore, Aaron Ackerson, DJ GSpot.  If you haven't seen at least ONE of these bands yet, I'm just not sure why you're reading GGC.   The evening is sponsored by the Otherworld Theatre Company.  There will even be a special appearance by the Wookiee belly dancer that recently made a big splash on YouTube!  (Saturday, March 16th, 8PM.  Martyrs', 3855 N. Lincoln. $10, buy tickets HERE.

Promo Poster for The Universe Tour

image credit


SUNDAY, March 17th.

Almost Pi(e) Day - I can't begin to express how glad I am that The Chicago Nerd Social Club is back in gear.  Their next event, a belated Pi Day, is a CNSC tradition.  Geeks will gather to recite digits of pi, answer trivia questions, and compete in a baking contest.  I'm scheduled to be a judge... which is pretty hard to imagine right now, considering the heartburn I am experiencing from YESTERDAY's pi(e).  Yowch.  (Sunday, March 17th, 4PM.  Open Books, 213 W. Institute.  $6 in advance HERE, $10 at the door.)

Chicago Nerd Social Club Pi(e) Day logo

CNSC Pi(e) Day - image credit


That's it for this article, geeks.  I hope to see you all over the city this weekend.   For now, though, I'm gonna go take some antacids... because seriously, my body is running on pie.  Groaannn...  Damn you, 3/14 (.15926535...)!!

NEXT TIME:  Game of Thrones beer review.


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