Photo Recap: C2E2 Cosplay in the Chicago St. Patrick's Day Parade

Remember how last year's Chicago St. Patrick's Day Parade was on a sunny, 80-degree day?  Remember how this year's was just a degree or two above freezing?  I do.  I always will.  For a second, I actually thought I had to go to the hospital for my stinging, purple'd fingers... but it was worth it.  ReedPop and C2E2 called upon some of Chicago's finest cosplayers to march and promote the convention.  How could I say no?

I put on one of my Rose Tyler outfits (my only costumes with lining and sleeves).  My usual photographer, Jess, was marching.  Thankfully, a very talented guest photog, Ronald Ladao, was on the job!  He walked with us through the entire route.  Here's a collection of his best St. Patty's photos.  Thank you, Ron!!

PLEASE spread this gallery around.  ABC 7 cut to commercial break when we came on-screen, and even the announcer at the parade called us the wrong name!  Boo, boooo!!!  ...but hooray for this cosplay excellence.  See more at C2E2, April 26-28.


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