2 Geeky Plays to See in April: Into the Uncanny Valley and She Kills Monsters

Wow, it's already Easter and the end of another month!  With the weather finally warming up, I've begun exploring the city again.  During a recent trip to Robot City Workshop, I found a flyer for a play.  It got me curious.  Aside from the usual burlesque shows and concerts, what other geeky theatre might be going on in Chicago?

Here are two plays you can see this week that are relevant to your interests:

1. Into the Uncanny Valley - Advertising at a robot store was a stroke of genius by this show.  For those unaware, "the uncanny valley" is a real-life hypothesis by robotics experts.  Basically, if a robot looks and acts almost like a human but doesn't quite get there, humans will be upset, disturbed, or even angered by it.  The play Into the Uncanny Valley is a sci-fi drama starring both actors and puppets.  In the show, a woman implants her comatose sister's memories into an android.  Does doing so ease the pain or add to it?  See the show to find out.  (Presented by Rough House through April 7th.  The Den Theatre, 1333 N. Milwaukee.  $15, buy tickets HERE.)

Poster for Into the Uncanny Valley at the Den Theatre Chicago

Into the Uncanny Valley Poster


2. She Kills Monsters - Incidentally, this show also centers around the loss of a sister.  She Kills Monsters tells the tale of a woman who finds her late sibling's Dungeons and Dragons notes.  What follows is an epic quest to save her sister's soul, despite the fact that, in life, the girls had really nothing in common.  Written by Qui Nguyen, She Kills Monsters will hit home with anyone who has ever rolled a d20, been bullied, or fancied themselves a hero.  In my personal circle of friends, the production gets mixed reviews, but The Chicago Tribune calls it "clever, funny, moving, lively and delightfully geeky."  (Presented by Buzz22 Chicago through April 20th.  Steppenwolf Garage, 1650 N. Halsted.  $20, buy tickets HERE, often discounted on GoldStar.)

Promotional image for She Kills Monsters at the Steppenwolf Garage Theatre in Chicago

She Kills Monsters Promo Pic

See some live theatre, geeks.  It makes for a richer life. :)  Oh, and Happy Easter, if you celebrate it.



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