Geeky Wedding Dresses in Science Fiction and Fantasy

At the beginning of March, I had the honor of standing up in my best friend's wedding.  Since then, I've had weddings on the brain (watch out, geek guys)!  I've been thinking about my own, possible, maybe-someday wedding, and just how geeky I'd like it to be.  Would I go subtle, or full-on "Mal and Inara in Front of a TARDIS with Princess Leia"?  ...No, really.  That happened.

Many women from sci-fi and fantasy have worn amazing wedding dresses, from the classic beauty of Mary Jane Watson to the bizarre garb of Jadzia Dax.  I've assembled a gallery of examples.  Some of the descriptions even explain how to copy the looks!  Personally, I'm surprised more companies aren't bringing these characters to life.  Thus far, I've only seen Alfred Angelo's Disney Fairy Tale Weddings, and I wouldn't necessarily call them "geeky."

Whether or not you're getting hitched soon, click onward.  Then, reply below letting me know your favorite!  I'd also like to hear any examples I may have missed, or stories from geeky weddings you've attended.  Happy browsing!


All below images are copyright of their respective owners.  This is a fan-work, made with love and admiration.  Special thanks goes out to GGC readers Eric B, Tara S, Brodie Y, Adrianna V, Michelle F, Viki G, and Emma C for their suggestions.


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