Photo Recap: C2E2 Cosplay Around Town at Graham Crackers Comics

On Wednesday, February 20th, C2E2 held a "Cosplay Around Town" celebration at 4 different Graham Crackers Comics locations.  I covered the event details in a previous article, so I'll get right to the recap and photos!

I went to the Lakeview store.  The group there was small- less than 10 costumes- but we still had fun.  C2E2 staff provided simple games such as comic-drawing and general art.  Favorite costumes included The Flash, Starbuck, Dolly Deathstar, Scarecrow, and an Assassin equipped with both a sword and hidden blade.  I dressed as Mary Jane Watson, and thus loved hanging out with Lois Lane. :)

GGC's official photographer, Jess, was in Downers Grove.  Strangely, comic book characters weren't the dominating force!  Cosplayers from Doctor Who, Gravity Falls, Disney, and The Walking Dead outnumbered the classic superheroes.  The DG location had enough participants for a costume contest.

I was honored to have the assistance of Zatoyoshi Photography in The Loop.  He, by far, took the most photos.  Some examples are included below, but you can see the rest HERE.  Spectacular!  He was apparently pressured by Darth Vader to join the Dark Side; he may or may not be evil now.  Hrm.

All in all, C2E2 threw a lovely event.  Each cosplayer got individualized attention, many walked away with prizes, and of course, Graham Crackers staff was there to talk comics.  Their information inspired me to buy some Serenity and Avatar: The Last Airbender books, myself!  Plus, I can't wait for the convention (April 26-28).

Next year, C2E2 could push harder with their Marketing to bring even more costumes out of the woodwork.  The more events like this, the better!  Here are photos from 3 of the 4 Cosplay Around Town locations.  If you have any high-quality images from Plainfield, please send them to geekgirlchicago(at)gmail(dot)com.


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