Capricon 33 Recap: So Much Food, So Little Time

Going to Capricon 33 last Saturday made me realize just how much I missed at Capricon 32.  Last year, I basically shopped and went home.  This year, I stayed a full day- completely worth the drive to Wheeling.  Capricon has a close, family atmosphere and diverse programming.  I see why it has lasted 33 years (and counting)!

Geek Girl Jess and I started with the Art Show.  As usual, it was the best-curated selection of fantasy art at a Chicago con.  No photos of the gallery were allowed, of course, so you'll just have to imagine the awesome.  The Dealers' Room didn't have many big-name vendors.  I walked away with just one small item- a Cylon Christmas ornament.  <3

There were live music performances all day- great for local, geeky artists to gain exposure.  We saw harpist Jennifer Midkiff.  Her rendition of The Last Unicorn could make you weep.  She has an original song all about Shepherd Book from Firefly, too!  Check out her website.   Ms. Midkiff's soothing music was a serious foil against the fire-filled "Science vs. Pseudoscience" panel we ended the day with.

The best part by far was the free food.  It's rare to see BOTH a well-stocked Consuite and a separate coffee/dessert cafe.  For just the price of admission (and tips), guests could eat all weekend.  This made the entire event more affordable than most others, and provided lots of opportunities to make new friends. :)

Speaking of friends, Capricon is a gathering place for several friends of GGC.  Author Blake Hausladen sold every copy of his book, and fan tables were everywhere for other events like Duckon and Can't Stop the Serenity.  I love this city!

Capricon isn't a big hub for cosplayers, but there were a handful.  Also, the huge game room resulted in Geek Girl Jess and I teaching Chrononauts to some awesome teens.  I only wish I could have gone more than just one day.  Enjoy the photos!

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