This Week in Geek: C2E2 Cosplay at Graham Crackers and Arcade Brewery Label Contest

Many geeks (self included!) love the indoors.  There are video games, computers, snacks, sewing machines, climate control... what's not to like?  Winter in Chicago is the perfect time to enjoy the great indoors, and all the hobbies and art therein.  This week in geek offers two (indoor!) opportunities to show off your geeky art.

1. Arcade Brewery's Label Design Challenge - There are many of questions surrounding Chicago's up-and-coming Arcade Brewery.  Where will their beer be sold?  Unknown.  How will it taste?  Unknown.  Where will it be made?  The New Chicago Beer Co... exact location unknown.  Thankfully, Arcade Brewery constantly communicates with its eager fans.  They just named their first brew- William Wallace Wrestle Fest Scotch Ale.  Now, they need label art.  Submissions don't necessarily need to be video-game themed, but definitely must be... hexagonal?  Read all the rules HERE, see the entries HERE.  It would be so cool if a GGC reader contributed to Chicago beer history!  (Today thru Friday, March 15th.  FREE to enter.)

Arcade Brewery Logo

Arcade Brewery Logo


2.  C2E2's Cosplay Around Town - I prefer the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo over Wizard World Chicago Comic Con... by a lot.  This Wednesday, C2E2 is throwing a shindig for the very cosplayers that make the con so colorful.  It's called Cosplay Around Town.  Four Graham Crackers Comics locations will participate: Lakeview, The Loop, Downers Grove, and Plainfield.  Attendees can expect games and C2E2-themed prizes.  Plus, there's the built-in opportunity to meet cool, local geeks!  I'll be taking pictures in Lakeview, Geek Girl Jess will be in Downers Grove, and a guest photographer will be shutterbugging in The Loop.  ...Anybody willing to lend a hand from Plainfield??  ;P  Regardless, watch the blog for coverage later this week.  (Wednesday, February 20th, 6-8PM. Various locations.  FREE.)

GGC and friends, photographed at C2E2 by Wednesday's guest photographer!  Yesss...

GGC and friends, captured at C2E2 by Wednesday's guest photographer!

If you're participating in either of these events, post below!  I'd love to plug your creations.



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