UChi-Con 2013 Recap: When You're Popular, You Run Out of Stuff.

I got a Canon Rebel t3i from my geek guy this Christmas, and had been itching to photograph some local cosplayers.  I finally got the opportunity last Saturday at UChi-Con.  As explained in a previous article, UChi-Con is a free, annual anime convention presented by the University of Chicago Japanese Animation Society.  The event is 11 years old.  If this wasn't its most-attended year, I'd be surprised.

UChi-Con's popularity was seen in its (charming) lack of supplies.  When I arrived, they had already run out of badges.  My first name was written in Sharpie on masking tape and stuck to my leg.  The cafe, which I'd been looking forward to, was out of food.  While my stomach was disappointed, the rest of me was happy- the UChi-Con staff was kind, helpful, and hard-working.  They deserved this attention.

The IPG video gaming room was packed, as was the booked-to-capacity Artists' Alley.  For a break from the crowds, Geek Girl Jess and I enjoyed a cupcake and Rice Krispie treat with some new friends.  Chatting with attendees (some who already read this blog!) is always rewarding.  Personally, I was surprised by all of the young people (high school age or younger) on-campus.  I hadn't thought of it before, but perhaps UChi-Con works as a recruitment tool for college-bound otaku?

The convention was split between two buildings.  The internal architecture and the outdoor quad provided lovely backdrops for pics.  Enjoy this gallery.  As I'm out of the anime loop these days, I couldn't identify many of the characters.  If you see yourself, a friend, or just have a character ID, post below!

See you at Capricon, geeks!

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