This GEEKend: The Planetary Defense Force... and PIE!

This weekend is a BIG one for geek events.  Many troupes and organizations I've previously written about are having shows.  I'll plug them all... but first, two opportunities that are brand new to Geek Girl Chicago!


1. Third Coast Comics Pie Bake-Off - Pie just might be the perfect dessert.  The people at Third Coast Comics understand that.  On Saturday, ten bakers will face off in a pie-baking contest for the ages.  You can be a judge!  Granted, it doesn't have much to do with comics, but food competition is a TC tradition.  Throughout the year, guests can also enjoy chili, cake, and BEER!  Omnomnomnom... just don't touch the comics with sugary fingers. ;P  (Saturday, January 26th, 1PM.  Third Coast Comics, 6234 N. Broadway.  $7.)


2. The Planetary Defense Force - At this interactive comedy video game show, a lucky audience member will become the planet's greatest hero.  Maybe.  The volunteer can be called upon to do most anything- build, destroy, even battle dinosaurs!  These challenges affect the outcome of the story.  On Saturday, the Planetary Defense Force will face a mad scientist AND a rival hero group... ON THE MOON.  It's one of the silliest things happening in Chicago.   (Saturday, January 26th, 6PM.  The Playground Theatre, 3209 N. Halsted.  $5.)

Planetary Defense Force poster


If neither of these options appeal to you, fear not- there's plenty more to choose from.  I've experienced each of the below entertainers, and can recommend all of them.  In chronological order:

Time Crash - Doctor Who-inspired rock concert.  (Friday, January 25th, 10PM. The Elbo Room,  2871 N. Lincoln. $10.)

Improvised Star Trek - Returning to iO.  (Friday, January 25th, 11:55 PM.  Improv Olympic, 3541 N. Clark.  $5.  Buy tickets HERE.)

The Empire Brings Sexy Back - A Star Wars Burlesque Sequel.  (Saturday, January 26th, 10:30 PM.  Gorilla Tango, 1919 N. Milwaukee.  $35.  Buy tickets HERE.)

SCIENCE!! Or, How She Blinded Me Thusly - by Plan 9 Burlesque.  (Sunday, January 27th, 8PM.  The Pub Theatre, 3914 N. Clark.  $15-18.  Buy tickets HERE.)


Have a mega-fun GEEKend, readers, and stay warm.  If you're going to attend any of these events, please post below so I can meet you!


NEXT TIME:  Valentine's Day gifts... for BRONIES!

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