This GEEKend: Anime Apocalypse and Two Kinds of Star Wars

The world isn't going to end tomorrow.  Everyone already knows it.  However, I'm sure Facebook will be  filled with repetitive status updates about surviving, The Doctor saving us, Majora's Mask, etc. Yyyyyup, I'll be avoiding the Internet.  If you'll be doing the same, may I suggest some of the following events this GEEKend?



1. The Nerdologues present: NERD WARS Holiday Special - Christmas gets the spotlight this time of year, and it isn't entirely fair.  What about Life Day, the sacred Wookiee celebration??  Sure, George Lucas tried his best to bury The Star Wars Holiday Special, but we all know it happened.  Join The Nerdologues for a festive Life Day show of comedy sketches, songs, and their specialty- monologues.  (Friday, December 21st, 11:45 PM.  iO, 3541 N. Clark.  $5.   Buy tickets HERE.)

Nerdologues Poster



2. The Empire Brings Sexy Back: A Star Wars Burlesque Sequel - One of GGC's first articles was a writeup about the original Star Wars burlesque show.  Now, Gorilla Tango is launching the sexy sequel.  The story is from the bad guys' perspective.  Regardless of whose side you're on, it takes a lot of shimmying to stay warm on Hoth!   There are new girls and new characters.   If there isn't a "Booby Fett," I'll be sorely disappointed.  The run lasts for several Saturdays, so if the snow keeps you away this weekend... "there is another." ;)  (Saturdays, December 22nd - February 23rd, 10:30 PM.  Gorilla Tango Theatre, 1919 N. Milwaukee.  $20-35.  Buy tickets HERE.)

Empire Cast



3. Anime Apocalypse - This Rockford convention is cashing in on the Mayan calendar thing... hard.  The Anime Apocalypse website promises a world-ending otaku celebration.  There are spelling errors, and the mascot is clearly My Little Pony-inspired (not anime), but it's all good.  The con will deliver classic programming like gaming, dealers, and a Maid Cafe.  I'm actually pretty excited about the convention-wide RPG, in which attendees can gain EXP by attending events.   The only big guest is Robert Axelrod, who played Lord Zedd in the American version of Power Rangers.  He's hosting voice acting and script writing panels for aspiring talent.  If an anime convention is your preferred way to spend the (absolutely not) end of the world, give Anime Apocalypse a try.  (Friday, December 21st - Saturday, December 23rd.  Best Western Clock Tower, 7801 E. State, Rockford.  $10-20, $5 for rave only.)

Anime Apocalypse Banner


Since the world will still be here in a few days, post below with how you'll spend your December 22nd!

NEXT TIME: An interview with science rapper Baba Brinkman.

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