3 Geeky Live Shows to See in Chicago This December

Whenever the daunting task of holiday shopping gets me down, I try to think outside the box.  I've purchased a helicopter ride for my dad,  a cooking class for my sister, skydiving for a friend.  ...It hardly ever works.  Only one of these has actually used their gift.  Perhaps it's time to think a little more practical, a little less... socializing with strangers while possibly falling from high altitudes?

This year, I've done some searching for fun show tickets.  Here are a few picks for geek-friendly productions to see this December, with absolutely 0% chance of deadly plummet!


1. Distant Worlds:  Music from Final Fantasy - Some of the finest video game scores of all time are from the Final Fantasy series.  Composer Nobuo Uematsu is responsible for the vast majority.  The Distant Worlds orchestral tour is incredible each year, but 2012 is extra special.  Final Fantasy is 25 years old!  In celebration, the concert lobby is being turned into a full-fledged event.  Ticketholders can expect Uematsu/Roth duet performances, a video game tournament, photo booth, cosplay, and an expanded shop.  I'm especially excited to hear Eyes on Me, Zanarkand, One-Winged Angel, and THE ENTIRE OPERA FROM FINAL FANTASY VI!!!!  ...*ahem*  The show is this Friday only; tickets are still available.  (Friday, December 7th.  8PM.  Akoo Theatre, 5400 N. River Rd., Rosemont.  $45-85, Buy Tickets Here.)

FF: Distant Worlds Logo


2. Potted Potter - With no more books on the horizon, Harry Potter geeks need to get their fix wherever possible.  Thank Merlin for British comedy duo Dan and Jeff!  They've created Potted Potter, a fast-paced depiction of the books- so fast that it summarizes all seven in under an hour and a half.  Armed with devil horns, muscle suits, water guns, and a sense of humor about this low-budget arsenal, they display a genuine love of The Boy Who Lived.  Grab your house scarf!  The Chicago run lasts until Christmas.   (Through Sunday, December 23rd.  Showtimes vary.  Broadway Playhouse Theatre, Water Tower Place, 175 E. Chestnut.  $66.95, Buy Tickets Here.)

Potted Potter Logo


3. A Klingon Christmas Carol - This most honorable take on Charles Dickens has become a Chicago geek tradition.  It doesn't get more authentic than A Klingon Christmas Carol- full makeup, a script entirely in the Klingon language (with subtitles), and occasional live music from il Troubadore.  I especially enjoyed this heartfelt blog post describing the unique and difficult rehearsal process.  There's really not much more to say; the concept is exactly what you'd expect.  Just sit back and cheer for Tiny tImHom!  During Christmastime, all of us... "tlhIngan maH!"  (Through December 30th.  The Raven Theatre, 6157 N. Clark.  $20-28, Buy Tickets Here.)

Klingon Christmas Carol cast members

These shows represent just a small portion of Chicago's theatre scene.  If you know of any more geeky holiday productions, or have seen any of the above, post below!


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