This GEEKend: WindyCon, Chicago's Oldest Sci-Fi Convention

Just when you thought Halloween was over, a sci-fi convention pops up with a Zombie theme.  WindyCon is Chicagoland's oldest sci-fi con, celebrating 39 years this weekend.  It's already underway at the Westin Lombard.

For being such an old event, it doesn't seem like it will be packed; the crafting panels limit themselves to only 8 attendees.   There will be the usual dealers, gaming, and masquerade, but WindyCon's real claim to fame is its parties.  Several hotel floors throw massive, themed shindigs after the event goes dark.

If hotel drinking isn't your speed, I recommend the following:

TODAY, FRIDAY the 9th:

Other People's Zombies - This isn't AMC's The Walking Dead.  It's a panel about the undead outside of the modern zombie trend.  Subjects will include Chinese hungry ghosts, mummies, and more.  (5PM, Lilac C)

Stage Blood Cookoff - Exactly what it sounds like.  Attendees will compare all types of fake blood, from commercial gel to homemade chocolate.  Each type is best for a specific job.  If you're into costuming, you'll want to know the ground rules.  (8:30 PM, Cypress A)


SATURDAY the 10th:

Has Science Fiction Offered an Improved Political Model? - With another presidential election behind us, many ask, "Does our system work?"  This panel will explore the political pros and cons of some favorite sci-fi works.  ...Can we get those floating chair islands from the Star Wars Galactic Senate?  Please and thank you. (10AM, Lilac C)

Long Lost Cons - A retrospective on Chicago conventions that have come and gone, going as far back as 1943.  What went wrong?  What was awesome?  This rare look into the past sounds fascinating.  I hope they have vintage cosplay pics!  (3PM, Walnut)


SUNDAY the 11th:

Virology:  Defending Against Zombie Computers - GET IT?  BECAUSE VIRUSES?  Ha...!  Despite anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware software, now and then our computers still get attacked.  The bad guys are just too smart.  What can we do?  If this panel is lead by folks in-the-know, it could be extraordinarily helpful.  (10AM, Lilac C)

Why is Your Protagonist a Straight While Male? - Another valuable question to ask, specifically after an election riddled with racism on both sides.  Change the way you write... or don't!  Just talk about it.  (1PM, Lilac C)

WindyCon Poster

WindyCon - Friday, Nov. 9th - Sunday, Nov. 11th.  Westin Lombard, 70 Yorktown Center, Lombard.  $25 Friday, $45 Saturday, $15 Sunday.

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