Kollision Con 2012 Recap: Animated Fun at Pheasant Run

Thanksgiving weekend 2012 brought two conventions to Chicagoland- Kollision Con and Chicago TARDIS.  I did my best to cover both, but I'll be the first to admit that Kollision isn't my scene.  It's an animation convention, and I haven't watched anime in years.  The only American cartoon I follow is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.   I also get a little claustrophobic in the halls of Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles.  ...Am I getting old?  I'm getting old.  I'll leave out my rant on the behavior of "kids these days" and get to the coverage.  ;)

Kollision Con is in its third year, and has already switched management and locations once.   The con's evolution can be seen in annual changes- some good, some not-so.  On the poor side, 2012's Kollision was completely lacking notable guests.  The programming in general was slim, so if attendees weren't interested (or the karaoke guy didn't show up... twice...), they were left to wander.

Thankfully, there were some top-notch places to hang out.  The biggest gem was the game room, presented by I Play Games.  It had an innovative format that I hope becomes popular.  Using their badges like library cards, people could "check out" games and play them on available consoles.  This made for a wide selection- hooray for the Japanese Sailor Moon RPG on SNES!   There was also a corner exclusively for Artemis: Space Ship Bridge Simulator; Kollision Con was the first place I've seen such a setup that wasn't my apartment. <3

In terms of other programming, the improv comedy show was well attended, as was a presentation by The Nostalgia Critic.  The cosplay masquerade, run by The Enthusiasts, got high marks for smooth operation.  Dance lovers couldn't stop talking about the raves;  the DJs knew what their audiences liked, and the lasers and lights made the whole thing feel like a much bigger, more expensive party.

In terms of cosplay, Homestuck was again the dominating series.   My Little Pony and Adventure Time costumes also had a fair presence.  My favorite looks were an original Browncoat from Firefly with cool props and an Ezio from Assassin's Creed with serious embroidery skills.  Mmmm, Ezio...

Here are some photo highlights from Kollision Con 2012.  As usual, if you see yourself, comment below!

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