Happy Geeksgiving: 3 Ways for Chicago Geeks to Give Back

Geeks in Chicago have a lot to be thankful for.  We're constantly surrounded by friends, food, sweet comic shops, and not one but two beercades.  Thanksgiving is a fantastic time to share the wealth and spread our good fortune.  Here are a few ways to help others in Chicago this Turkey Day:

1. Donate Food, Win a Wii U  - Get this.  Kevin Fair, founder of I Play Games, is camping in front of an FYE.  He's waiting for the much-anticipated Wii U to launch.  All told, he'll be there for 6 epic days... just to turn around and give the system away!  Anyone who brings 5 canned goods to his Thanks Give a Wii Food Drive next Wednesday will get a night of gaming and bowling, plus a raffle ticket.  Each additional 10 goods will earn another ticket.  One lucky person will win the Wii U on the cheap, and the donations go to the Greater Chicago Food Depository.   I can't think of a bigger motivation to commit a small act of kindness!  (Wednesday, November 21st, 7:30PM.  Diversey Rock'n'Bowl, 2211 W. Diversey.)

2. Feed 500 Families from an Arcade - Some competition for Emporium opened a month ago- Headquarters Beercade in Lakeview.  Their parent company is already going big, looking to collect turkeys for 500 needy families.  Patrons can drop off frozen turkeys until November 18th.  While you're there, have a drink and play some Street Fighter II.  "Don't be a jerky, donate a turkey!"  (Now until Sunday, November 18th.  950 W. Wolfram.)

3.  Burgers + Bingo = An End to Cancer - Yes, I have written about this before.  Regardless, Hamburger Mary's Hambingo is an option if you're just too busy up until Thanksgiving.  Team GEEK is a local Relay for Life group that enjoys dressing up as Ghostbusters almost as much as fighting cancer.  Proceeds from their December 2nd game will benefit The American Cancer Society.  Think Bingo sounds boring?  This version involves burgers, margaritas, sassy drag queens, and potentially The Doctor.  (Sunday, December 2nd, 8PM.  5400 N. Clark.  Suggested donation $5.)

These are just a few of the many ways Chicago geeks can give back every day.  You can give your old bike to Working Bikes, or visit The Boring Store, which is absolutely NOT an amazing spy store that gives its proceeds to nonprofit education.  Personally, I will be gathering up my old clothes, eyeglasses, and cell phones for donation ASAP.

No matter what, give thanks.  It's a pretty awesome world out there.

Post below with what you're thankful for this year!


EDIT:  I've gotten a few notes from readers regarding even more geeky causes to participate in:
Jack Vasel Memorial Fund - A huge, memorial board game auction to benefit gamers in need.  Submitted by David R.
Desert Bus 6 - A video gaming marathon (plus auctions) to benefit children's hospitals through Child's Play.  Submitted by Dammit Liz Productions.

Keep 'em coming!!

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