Chicago TARDIS 2012 Recap: This Doctor Who Con is the Real McCoy!

Thank you, everyone, for the huge response to my Kollision Con coverage.  Kollision wasn't the only game in town on Thanksgiving weekend, though!  Hundreds of Doctor Who fans gathered for Chicago TARDIS 2012.  The British sci-fi hit is more popular than ever in its 49th year.  Thus, the Westin Lombard welcomed fans of all ages from near and far.

Followers of the Doctor Who spinoffs and alternate material had much to be thankful for.  Stars from Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Big Finish audio dramas, and the comics were everywhere.  The biggest guests of honor were Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred- the Seventh Doctor and fiery companion Ace, respectively.

After a bit of confusion at the registration desk, I got to see Friday's programming.  By far, my favorite presentation was Sylvester McCoy's discussion of The Hobbit.   A big win returned from last year was Mad Girl's TARDIS photo op.  Finally, fans could get pics with the iconic time machine in an organized fashion!  Panels on fan costuming and writing were well-informed.  However, a main stage "Create Your Own Doctor Who Story" concept didn't go so well.  I suppose we should leave official canon to the paid writers.

Despite the massive size of the fandom, Chicago TARDIS remains a small event with a family feel.  I happily collected homemade pins and badge ribbons and saw the same people over and over.  The best times were spent in the hallways and at dinner with fellow fans.  I'm curious to see what CT looks like for the 50th anniversary.

Here are a few cosplay photo highlights from 2012's Chicago TARDIS.  If you see yourself, comment!  Don't forget to follow the blog on Facebook and Twitter, because I'll be bringing you more Doctor Who content:  an interview with Nick Briggs, the voice of the Daleks and Executive Producer of the Big Finish audio dramas, and an interview with new Whovian music group The Well-Tempered Schism.

Enjoy the photos!

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