Dos and Don'ts for Geeky Halloween Costumes

As a year-round seamstress, I adore Halloween.  I get really excited about who's going to wear what.  Thus, I've been discussing costume plans with my readers.  Kory F is going to dress up as Michonne from The Walking Dead.  Christine W is going to be a wildling from Game of Thrones.  BADASS, am I right?  I'm so glad to see geek girls avoiding the "Sexy _______" trend, because really, I'm sick naughty Hermiones.  Don't dress as naughty Hermione!

...Actually, while I'm at it, here are a few more Geeky Halloween Costume Dos and Don'ts.


DON'T wear the standard Slave Leia bikini.  Plenty of girls have that covered., NOT covered. ;)  If the annual photoshoot at Dragon*Con has taught me anything, it's that Slave Leia is a classic sex symbol, but also a loss of your individuality.

DO consider more original versions of sexy.  Try a femme version of Han Solo. Strategically rip your Starfleet uniform to be a redshirt that evaded death.  There are also some pretty amazing re-imaginings out there, including high-fashion Avengers and Disney battle princesses.  Here are some ladies I know as re-imagined villainesses.

Disney Villainess Pinups

DON'T be Korean singer/rapper Psy.  Gangnam Style has taken the Internet by storm, but has already jumped the shark.  You can bet there will be multiple Psys at every party.  Sorry, but the dance isn't that funny anymore.

DO bring a prop.  Carrying a little something extra- a Tribble, a Marauder's Map, an edible stallion's heart (with recipe!)- sets you apart.  My friend Joe was worried that he didn't look like the Eleventh Doctor.  So, he cut a face into an apple a la Amy Pond, and it won him LOADS of attention!  Check him out.

Joe F as Eleven

DON'T be a character that just wears street clothes.  I know from experience as Rose Tyler- if the public doesn't think you're in costume, you're not in costume.  Other culprits include Light Yagami from Death Note or really anyone with the title "Agent-" Smith, Mulder, Archer...

DO portray a scientist or other real-life "superhero."  Science has been hot this year.  Might I suggest Nikola Tesla?  Bobak the NASA Mohawk Guy will also be a popular choice, but many people will mess up the hair.  Wear it if you can master it.  Brainy is the new sexy.

DO consider being an inanimate object.  Some of my favorite costumes aren't people at all.  Be a Golden Snitch and run from your friends!  Be the boulder from Raiders of the Lost Ark and chase your friends!  Be a Tetris block and, er... rotate and fall down with your friends?  Lisa D dressed up as a statue.  A totally harmless, benign-

Lisa D as Weeping Angel

...DON'T blink.

Finally, above all, DON'T miss the opportunity.  Each year you don't dress up is a year the naughty Hermiones win.


Your turn!  Post below with your geeky Halloween costume ideas!  

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  • I definitely am doing a geeky Halloween costume this year, but shhh, it's a secret! It's a creative spin on a popular character which means people will either think it's incredibly awesome or incredibly lame. We'll see.

  • In reply to Kim Z Dale:

    Ooo, well I won't press you for your secret. I hope it's a big success, and your work pays off! Let me know how it goes. Will you be at a geeky-themed party?

  • In reply to Lauren “Troppy”:

    It wasn't a geek themed party, but there were lots of geeks there. Now that the costume is all done and posted I can tell you. I was a babywearing Daeneryus Targaryen. That is I had the khaleesi wig plus a baby carrier stuffed with 3 dragons. As expected some people didn't get it, but the hard core Game of Thrones fans who did *really* loved it, which made my night.

  • In reply to Kim Z Dale:

    I'm so glad you came back to share! That sounds totally awesome. I've seen the dragons done in a few different ways, but never in a baby carrier. Nice creativity. :)

  • Nice writing. Very funny and knowing. I'm happy to say I didn't get half of the Geek references, but also embarrassed that I got half the Geek references. =)

  • In reply to SkitSketchJeff:

    Thanks for reading, Jeff. There's nothing embarrassing about knowing the coolest stories and characters ever. Don't be afraid to be a geek now and then! Have a Happy Halloween. :)

  • fb_avatar

    I think that I will dress up as a female Waldo... but not Wendy. I never really liked Wendy.

  • In reply to Esther Kim:

    OH. OH OH OH. Did you know that the female Waldo is actually a pair of twins? They are Wanda and Walda, and it actually makes for a pretty scandalous love triangle. Those books had a dark side!!

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