This GEEKEND: One Convention, Two Concerts, and MANY Wolves.

First and foremost, if you haven't yet, please enter my latest ticket giveaway.  It's for an amazing evening of geeky singer-songwriters and comedians that I'm SURE you've heard of.  Enter now!!

Right-o.  Before that concert even happens, you have this GEEKend to get through.  Here are a few recommendations for fun in Chicago, starting tonight:


Tonight, THURSDAY the 27th:

Tonks and the Aurors -  J. K. Rowling has moved on from Harry Potter.  Thankfully, conventions, events, Pottermore, and Wizard Rock (Wrock) bands keep the tale alive.  Open Books is throwing a little party to celebrate Rowling's latest, The Casual Vacancy.  No, it's not a Potter book, but a Potter-themed band will be there anyway- Tonks and the Aurors!  Best part?  It's FREE!  All you have to do is RSVP via e-mail:  (Thursday, September 27th, 8PM.  213 W Institute Pl. Free with RSVP.)

Tonks and the Aurors, courtesy of their website.


FRIDAY the 28th:

Time Crash - I recently did an entire article on these Time Lord rockers and their Doctor Who anthems.  Time Crash has already scored their second gig, and they promise a new song!  It will be a late night, but hey... that's what Fridays are for.  Bring your Sonic Screwdrivers, fezzes, extra-long scarves, etc.   (Friday, October 28th, Doors 8PM, Time Crash 11PM.  The Elbo Room, 2871 N. Lincoln.  $5-10.)

Time Crash at Their Last Gig


SATURDAY the 29th:

Maneki Neko Con - The anime and sci-fi-centric Maneki Neko Con intends to pack 70 hours of programming into just one day.  I'm personally interested in the Japanese culture spots, including a tea ceremony and ink making workshop.  MNC will likely have a strong "college" feel, from the Artists' Alley of student work to the open cafeteria.    Regardless, cosplayers should make time to attend; a professional photo booth will be offering five-dollar prints.  (Saturday, October 29th, 8:30AM- 10PM.  Prairie State College, 202 S. Halsted.  $15 students, $20 non-student.)

Maneki Neko Logo


SUNDAY the 30th:

Werewolf Game presented by The Nerdologues - I haven't talked about local comedy group The Nerdologues in a while.  They're still hosting shows, but this GEEKend, the full moon will change things.  Werewolf (also known as Mafia) is a party game of deduction.  Detectives, doctors, and innocent victims must figure out who is a wolf before they're clawed, eaten, mauled... you know, gruesome stuff.  Join the fight.  Haven't you always wanted to get murdered over and over while drinking?  (Sunday, September 30th, 6PM.  Fizz, 3220 N. Lincoln. FREE+ drinks.)


That's all for now, gentle readers.  I'm looking forward to some Halloween geekery as October begins.  Post below with your costume and party plans!!



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    Maneki Neko Con sounds like a total blast! Be sure to check out Anime Trivia Trap, a game show hosted by my buddy Brent (and AnimeChicago board member)! Also, just wanted to note that Prairie State College is in Chicago Heights, which means it requires a car or a taxi ride from the closest Metra station.

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