The Doubleclicks + Molly Lewis = FREE TICKET GIVEAWAY!!

Hear ye, hear ye!  It's time for a super-sweet ticket giveaway from Geek Girl Chicago!  Two lucky readers will be going to the Ladies of Ragnarok Tour, October 3rd at 8PM at Evanston SPACE.  It's going to be a paradise for fans of Internet music and geek-flavored comedy.  Check out these acts...

Tour Poster

1. Molly Lewis - Initially discovered on YouTube, Lewis is an award-winning... ukulelist?  Ukulelier?  Ukulele player.  She performs both originals and covers, and has appeared alongside geek icons Jonathan Coulton, Paul and Storm, and Wil Wheaton.  I've seen her live, performing a song from Portal, but she isn't all fandom-based.  Recent subjects include beards, Mr. T, and Peep jousting!

2. The Doubleclicks - Thanks to the poster, I'm imagining The Doubleclicks wielding a cello and violin in an epic, LOTR-style battle.  Their album has me hooked; Spock Impersonator is basically my biography, and I'll be singing The Nerdy Birthday Song at every party from now on.  The music of these talented sisters speaks to the cosplaying introvert in all of us... as well as the Velociraptor.

3. Bill Corbett - If you've seen even a single episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, you know this man.  He was a writer for the cult hit and the voice of Crow.  Corbett is still roasting movies.  From The Film Crew to Rifftrax, his comedy and commentary are ever-sharp.

4. Joseph Scrimshaw -  Scrimshaw's website is a collection of essays and podcasts.  Star Wars seems to be his first love, but his heart has room for Batman, The Avengers, Doctor Who, gaming, girls, and more.


Now, the best part- the GIVEAWAY!  For a shot at 2 tickets to The Ladies of Ragnarok, please respond to this article with:

- Your Name (or alias)
- E-mail Address
- An answer to this query: "If you were to write the next hit song for geeks, what would it be called, and what would it be about?"

It would also be really sweet of you (but optional) to follow GGC on Facebook or Twitter. :)

The winner will be randomly chosen by robots on October 1st.  Good luck, geeks!!  If you don't win, I highly recommend buying tickets.



The Ladies of Ragnarok.  Produced by Dammit Liz.  Wednesday, October 3rd, 8PM.  SPACE, 1245 Chicago Ave., Evanston.  $15-25, FREE for the winner!  Get tickets HERE.


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    It seems timely right now to write about the impending departure of Amy and Rory on Doctor Who. That could be a really fun song as all fans seem to get anxious when new companions arrive.

  • I would write about about the super hero movies that we love some much. It might get us through the next wave of possibly bad ones until the avengers sequel comes out.

  • In reply to animecrys:

    Congratulations!! You've been randomly chosen by robots as the ticket winner. I have sent you an e-mail asking for details. Thank you for reading and entering.

    Enjoy the show!!

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