This GEEKend: SoyCon, Steampunk at Bristol, and Star Trek on the Big Screen

Yaaaaawn!  You know adulthood rocks when you've sleep until 1:30 PM after the Dark Knight Rises midnight premiere.

The movie was a tense 3 hours.  I loved it all, minus a few cheesy one-liners.  I've never seen an action sequence quite like the opener.  Anne Hathaway's Catwoman was surprisingly sultry.  I'm going to marry Jonathan Crane.  ...I also almost vomited in the first five minutes, because I'm squickly about needles/IVs, but that's a different story entirely.

Anyway, now that I've recovered, I have the rest of the weekend to plan!  Here are some geeky things to do after you've gotten your Batman fix.  It's the GEEKend Chicago deserves:


1. SoyCon - Billed as "The Largest Cosplay Gathering of the Midwest," SoyCon is less convention, more photoshoot picnic.  The event was initially a gathering for ACen-goers to re-connect.  Now, in its fifth year, SoyCon has a life all it's own... and it's free!   Guests should bring their own food, games, and cameras.  There are a few planned programs, including costume and performance contests, karaoke, RPG battles, a water balloon fight, and... interpretive dance??  Mostly, it's a chance to hang out, look good, and enjoy the summer sun.  (Saturday/Sunday, July  21st-22nd.  Ned's Brown Meadow, Grove #29, Golf & Ring Rd., Rolling Meadows.  FREE, with registration form.)

Does this look like a Japanese restaurant logo to anyone else?


2. Steampunk Invasion at the Bristol Renaissance Faire - This beloved festival of history and fantasy is celebrating its 25th anniversary.  The Bristol Renaissance Faire features music, dance, combat, vendors, variety acts, and more.  Fire-spinning!  Knife-throwing!  Falconry!  As an added geek bonus, this weekend is the Steampunk Invasion.   Performances include Klaxton, Three Bluebeard, and Adam Crack.  For Steampunk costumers, there will be a group photo by the pirate ship, followed by a costume contest (Saturday) or facial hair showdown (Sunday).  So, grab your goggles, long coats, pocket watches, brassy guns... and enjoy one of those giant turkey legs.  Huzzah! (Saturday/Sunday, July 21st-22nd, 10AM-7PM.  12550 120th Ave, Kenosha, WI.  $7.50-$17.95)

25 years of horsies, faeries, and awesome beards.


3. Star Trek: TNG 25th Anniversary Event - Whoa, two 25th anniversaries in one article!  Star Trek: The Next Generation was the longest-running series in the franchise.  On Monday, fans across the United States will celebrate with big-screen viewings of episode 106, "Where No One Has Gone Before," and episode 114, "Datalore."  The entire series is being restored for Blu-ray; the movie theater event will include deeper looks into the process.  Fans can also expect interviews, making-of bits, and exclusive footage.  Here's a list of participating theaters, including 17 Illinois locations.  Live long, prosper, and check out Riker's weird baby face in the poster below!  (Monday, July 23rd, 7PM.  Various.)

OMG, Riker is SO YOUNG!!


So, whether you want to spend your GEEKend outside in the sunshine or entirely in a darkened theater, you've got options.  I just might choose The Dark Knight Rises a few more times.

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