Yarr, Clonk, Bang! Photos from Anime Midwest

This past Saturday, I had the honor of judging the cosplay masquerade at Anime Midwest.   It was a wonderful time, filled with smiling faces, cool costumes, and SO MUCH HOMESTUCK.  "Best in Show" went to a Chobits group that got the whole audience dancing.  However, the time and effort taken by all of the cosplayers deserves continued attention.  Geek Girl Jess and I took as many pics as we could.

Enjoy these photos.  If you see yourself, please comment below.  I'll see you soon at Chicago Comic Con, Midwestria, and Chicon/Worldcon!


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    That's me as Matt! And the Kamina, Yoko, and Juliet are my friends.

    <3 that Haruko so much.

  • In reply to Caleb Myszka:

    I'm glad you visited the blog, then. :) Great job on your costume! Enjoy the photo, and I hope to see you at another event.

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    Your wig was one of my favorites of the day! Glad you liked the shot! Also give your friends props, the GL group was great in the Masq! :)

  • That Yoko is me. :] Don't worry, the thunder thigh reference is just from the tv show. Anime midwest was crazy fun. If you want to see more look up SilverWind Cosplay on facebook. :3

  • In reply to SilverWindCosplay:

    Haha~ I know it's from the show, I was just being dramatic. :) I really liked your GL group's props and collaboration. Well done! Glad you had a fun time, and hope to see you at another Chicago event soon!

  • :D I can't wait, and thanks for the awesome summary article. ^_^

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    Really hate that I was out of town, this was the same weekend as EVolution 2012 in Las Vegas, oh well can't do it all! Nice pics btw

  • In reply to Kevin Fair:

    Thanks very much! I'm assuming you got to go to Vegas? I'd probably choose that, too. ;)

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