This GEEKend: Science Show, KaPrE, DucKon, and Star Wars

Wow!  With all of the news about reality shows, comic summits, and the like,  it has been a while since an events post.  This weekend is the perfect opportunity; there's a LOT going on!

Before you read further, you should enter my Space Invasion Ticket Giveaway.  Scooty and JoJo's epic marriage of Queen music and Alien is this Friday.  If you DON'T win, you can consider one of these other choices:

1. THE SCIENCE SHOW!  - We all have big, unanswered questions.  What is the root of human language?  What is the best option for sustainable energy?  Why doesn't my sister like me?  Where am I???  ...Lucky for us, THE SCIENCE SHOW exists, hosted by Dr. Graham Matter and Dr. Knoell It All.  "Think Bill Nye meets Wayne's World," says writer/producer David Knoell.  There will be plenty of improvised bits, singing, dancing, and audience interaction. FOR SCIENCE!  (Fridays, June 1st-22nd, 7:30 PM.  Donny's Skybox at The Second City, 1608 N. Wells, 4th Floor.  $13, $10 for students.)



2. KaPrE's Steampunk Event - The self-proclaimed "best dressed two man metal band in history" is throwing a Steampunk bash in the 'burbs.  It doesn't really have a name, but has been called "The Awesome Wow Party."  I guess that works.   KaPrE is the main act, but they will be joined by "old timey mad scientist Steampunk" band, White City Rippers.  Expect a few vendors and some sweet costumes.  ...I'd never heard of Dieselpunk before, whoa!  (Friday, June 1st, 7PM - 3AM.  Club 38, 243 W. Roosevelt, West Chicago.  FREE with costume.)

KAPRE's event logo


3. Star Wars Day at the Joliet Public Library - Some consider May 4th to be Star Wars Day.  True fans celebrate the franchise many times a year.  This Saturday, the Joliet Public Library will be hosting a slew of SW-themed activities, from lightsaber games to character photo ops.  Artists in attendance will include two friends of GGC- Tara Schile, selling sci-fi crafts, and Il Troubadore, playing the hottest cantina tunes.  Coolest of all, the library is raffling off a Tusken Raider helmet!  The Force is strong with this one.  Bring the whole family!  (Saturday, June 2nd, 10AM - 3PM.  Joliet Public Library, 150 N. Ottawa, Joliet.  FREE!)

Stormtroopers love books!


4. DucKon - This sci-fi convention is "finally legal," boasting its 21st year!   Notable guests include author Robert J. Sawyer, comedic singer The Great Luke Ski, and filkers The Bedlam Bards.  There are several building and crafting panels scheduled- musical instruments, hat baubles, and more.  Check out the website for supply lists.  Off the record, be sure to visit the Can't Stop the Serenity fan table for details on a Friday night Browncoat Shindig.  (Friday thru Sunday, June 1-3.  Pheasant Run Resort, 4051 E. Main, St. Charles.  $55)

Slightly creepy DucKon mascot

Me?  I'll be spending the first half of my weekend in Wisconsin, and the second half painting a new apartment.  Don't worry, though- Geek Girl Chicago still lives in Chicago. ;)


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    Much honor was won at the Joliet Public Library Star Wars Day!

  • In reply to Jon Silpayamanant:

    I'm glad to hear it! I had to work, otherwise I would've driven out. It looked like a great time. Did the Klingons fit in well with the SW crowd? How did the Cantina music go?

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