This GEEKend: Avengers, Star Trek Improv, DeLorean Motors, and ROBOTS

Avengers, assemble!  This year's most-anticipated movie is about to touch down.  Critics already love The Avengers, which means 2 consecutive hits for Joss Whedon.*  I'll be seeing it at midnight.  How about you?

If The Avengers aren't your speed, here are more geek-friendly events in town this weekend:

Improvised Star Trek: The Crew

1.  Improvised Star Trek - Back in 2009, a group of iO geeks boldly went where no improvisers had gone before: Improvised Star Trek.   After the run, the USS Sisyphus released content in podcast form.  Fans remained loyal.  Now, at long last, the only logical result: Improvised Star Trek is returning to the stage!  Starting May 5th, a TNG-era episode will be created LIVE every Saturday.   Audiences can enjoy "Romulan ale," and the costume contests will surely be a blast.  Catch this show, because... well, it apparently disappears for years at a time.  (Saturdays May 5th- June 9th, Midnight. iO Del Close Theater, 3541 N. Clark, $5.  Free for iO students.  Get Tickets.)

2. Electric DeLorean -   Prefer time travel to space travel?  The DeLorean Motor Company is here for you.  They'll have a fully-electric DeLorean at their Midwest location Saturday for a show'n'ride.  They also might display "The Supercharged Stage 3 DeLorean".  It's FAST, and perfect for going Back to the Future.**  (Saturday, May 5th, 10AM-4PM.  DMC Midwest, 732 Tek Drive, Crystal Lake, IL.  FREE.)

3. The Latte of Rassilon - Oh, I see.  You love time AND space travel.  Great, because a group I mentioned in my article is re-igniting!  The Chicago Doctor Who Meetup will be coming together Monday at The Wormhole for a getting-to-know-you gathering.  Extra points for a hilarious event name: The Latte of Rassilon.  CAFFEINATE!  CAFFEINATE!  (Monday, May 7th, 6:30 PM.  The Wormhole Coffee, 1462 N. Milwaukee.  FREE + drinks.  RSVP)

4. ROBOTS -  Lastly, isn't it about time you themed your entire living space with images of robots?  The Rogues Gallery's latest show features 13 artists, and their takes on "humanity's imminent demise:"  ROBOTS!  Best of all, prints of everything will be available for purchase.  (Every day May 5th-21st, 11AM 'til close.  The Rogues Gallery @ Challengers Comics, 1845 N. Western.  FREE.)

That's the word.  Post your Avengers reviews below!


*Firefly, however- still canceled. 

**Car probably won't actually go back to the future, but... here's hoping.

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