The Itsy-Bitsy, Teeny-Weeny, Little Free Library Movement

Nothing chills me out after a stressful day like a book.  Happily, I've been making time to read.  I finished Lavondyss, and am following it up with Ghosts in the Yew.  ...Call it a fantasy kick.  I'd love to share these titles with other geeks, and pick up some new-to-me books.  Sadly, the Science Fiction Outreach Project comes but once a year.

Enter the Little Free Library.

Adorable Library!!

Anyone can join the Little Free Library Movement by building, registering, and stocking a box for their community.  Passers-by can take books, read 'em, bring 'em back, and add titles to the collection.  It's free!  There are pre-made models to build, but the movement encourages creativity.  Check out some of these beauties.

Currently, Chicago has only 3 Little Libraries:

1245 W. Fullerton Ave.- Starbuck's

1250 S. Michigan Ave.

2641 S. Calumet - Young Women's Leadership Center

...and 4 more in the suburbs.  NOT. ENOUGH.

I'm seriously considering making one, and stocking it with sci-fi and fantasy.  The idea in my head may or may not be TARDIS-shaped. ;)

 If Geek Girl Chicago built a Little Library, where could it live?  Would you donate books?  Please leave feedback below!  

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