Queen Songs + Alien = FREE TICKET GIVEAWAY!!

Every now and then, a show comes to Chicago that is geeky beyond explanation.  Imagine the epic arena hits of Queen...

Sung by someone like this

...backed up by a 35-person choir, plus sci-fi burlesque dancers, all menaced by facehuggers, chest-busting puppets...

Something like this

...and a full-sized xenomorph!

Here he/she is!!

This is The Scooty and JoJo Show's Space Invasion.  The concert descends upon Chicago this Friday at 9PM.  Rad.  If you'd like to witness such a spectacle, you're in luck; I'm giving away 2 free tickets (a $50 value)!!  All you have to do is post below, with an answer to any of the following:

1. What's your favorite Queen song?

2. Alien or Predator, and why?

3. Sigourney Weaver - hotter as Ripley, or Zuul?

One lucky star will be randomly drawn late Thursday night.  The winner will receive TWO tickets to Friday's show at The Metro!

Alien Invasion Logo

Go for it, geeks.

The Scooty & JoJo Show and The Metro Present... Space Invasion!   Friday, June 1st, 9PM.  The Metro, 3730 N. Clark.  $19 in-advance, $25 at-the-door, FREE if you win this contest.


EDIT:  Our winner, randomly chosen by technology, is Eric P!  Congrats, Eric P.  I will be contacting you with details. :)


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    1. What's your favorite Queen song?
    Killer Queen

    2. Alien or Predator, and why?
    Depends, am I the alien, and am I being hunted? So most likely the Predator.

    3. Sigourney Weaver - hotter as Ripley, or Zuul?
    Ripley. Zuul is needed as a transformation to make her hot. Ripley just kicks ass because she is Ripley.

  • 1. Don't Stop Me Now.
    Aww yeah.

    2. Alien. HR Giger's perfect killing machines.

    3. Ripley, no contest. I can take or leave female characters who get assaulted and gain spooky powers.

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    1. "The Show Must Go On" or "Don't Stop Me Now".

    2. Alien, no contest. It gave me my first kick ass female lead that challenged beauty standards in film, it was scary as hell/unpredictable, and it had a great story that did not insult my intelligence.

    3. Ripley(see above answer).

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    1. What's your favorite Queen song? : Don't Stop Me Now!

    2. Alien or Predator, and why? Alien, duh. Good story, good actors, very strong characters.

    3. Sigourney Weaver - hotter as Ripley, or Zuul? Ripley, although I like Zuul alot too. :)

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    1. Who wants to live forever. Its sad but then I think of highlander, and highlander makes me think of swords. Swords are cool.

    2. Predator, clawed hand down. In addition to all the nifty gadgets and wrist explosion app they can use the red-dot laser pointer in meetings! I didn't even mention the dreds which makes them cool dudes.

    3. Ripley...especially when she is in that construction robot all sweaty and fighting for her life. Its not like I have some sort of pneumatic fetish. Plus, when she's Zuul she has bad hair and the name sounds like a dude from Flash Gordon.

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    1."I want to break free." - but in reality, Queen is my favorite band of all time... so I consider all of their songs favorites of mine.

    2. Alien, the movie was excellent and it was true science fiction horror. Ridley Scott is a master and the effects have stood the test of time. Plus the Aliens can adapt quickly to their environment and what species they take over.

    3. Ripley. Hands down complete bad-ass and no contest when it comes to here being hotter. I mean that scene toward the end of Alien in her panties? Come on!

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