King of the Nerds: Audition for a New Reality TV Show

I know this isn't an original sentiment, but I am sick of reality TV.  Regardless of setting or prize, the formula persists: gorgeous people + ugly personalities = obnoxious fighting.  Intellect isn't celebrated.  The viewer isn't challenged.  I never see myself represented on these shows, so why watch?


Rumors of a show called King of the Nerds surfaced last fall.  TLC's attempt, Geek Love didn't do so well*.  KotN faded.


The King of the Nerds concept is back with a vengeance.  TBS gave the green light, resulting in one hasty casting process.  Says Casting Director Lindsay, "[the show] will embrace and celebrate passionate and intellectual guys and girls 18-30 years old... We are looking for mathematicians, scientists, programmers, inventors, puzzle-masters, engineers, gamers, comic book fanatics, movie buffs, trekkies [sic], techies, chess masters, role players, you name it."   Contestants will work as teams, then individuals, for "a huge grand prize."


Sounds great at first, but a few red flags went up in the materials.  Namely, "Arduino" wasn't capitalized, and "Battlestar" was missing its sister word, "Galactica."  A few of the interview questions were shifty, too, including "Why are nerds ascendant?" and "What types of people are inferior?"  Classic conflict-building.  Maybe I'm being too critical, but I'd like to meet new friends on such a show, not argue constantly over who is the truest, most 1337 geek.

...oh, wait.  I guess that would be the point on a show called King of the Nerds. ^^;

OK, OK, no more ranting. If it assembles the right people, this program could actually be refreshing.  America could use a true, modern look at today's nerds.

To audition, send a 10-15 minute video about YOU to  This must be done by Monday, the 21st!! ...I said "hasty casting process," and I meant it.  More info is available on the official website and Facebook page.


3 audition tips straight from Casting Director Nina:
- Go with your natural, physical appearance.   Don't pile on extra makeup.  If you wear glasses, keep 'em on.
- Dress in a costume, if you own one.
- Let your nerd flag fly!  Show off as much geekery as possible- collections, knowledge, creations, talents, whatever!

Good luck, geeks!  I won't be auditioning.  Someone has to stay behind and make sassy commentary!  ;-P

How do you feel about geeks on reality TV?  What would this show have  to do to impress you?  Post below!


* (perhaps due to its demeaning, bully-of-an-advertising campaign)

NEXT TIME:  The Little Free Library movement!





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  • I could probably out-nerd most of them but I'm too old, boo! :(

    I hope it ends up doing nicely, it could be fun if they embrace nerds and stay away from making fun of anyone. I'd watch!

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