BREAKING: Brave NATO for a Seat at the UChicago Comics Conference

Just when I thought NATO was only going to bring frustration, I got word from UChicago's Comics Conference:  People waiting outside are getting seats!!

A little background info:  Through this weekend, seventeen massive contributors to American comics are gathering to discuss the genre.  The official title is Comics: Philosophy and Practice.  You won't find DC or Marvel here, but instead, social and historical commentary.  Just this morning, Joe Sacco (creator of Palestine) was up.  Other guests include Art Spiegelman (Maus),  Francoise Mouly (founder of RAW Magazine), and Gary Panter (creator of the "California punk" aesthetic).

The weather is beautiful, so if you're feeling brave, get in line- it's free!  If you prefer the comfort and safety of the couch, you can watch the proceedings live HERE.

(Comics: Philosophy and Practice.  May 18th-20th.  Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, 915 E. 60th St. FREE.  Complete schedule.)


...For other geeky things to do this weekend, check out Improvised Star Trek and The Nerdologues.

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