A Very Special Mother's Day GEEKend

Readers, take heed:  Mother's Day is this Sunday!!

Gosh, I remember my mom letting me go to ACen on Mother's Day almost 10 years ago.  It was really selfless.  Moms rule.  We are a lucky city this GEEKend, because all of the can't-miss stuff is on Saturday.  Thus, Sunday is open for time with your mother!  ...Or time to silently, hastily send an e-card, because talking on the phone causes too much anxiety. ;)

Here are this Saturday's Chicago geek events... and the reasons why your loving mom supports 'em:

Mom wants you to laugh, so go to...
1. Improvised Star Trek - I already covered this one in a previous article, but one of the gents from the Nerdologues is guest-starring this round.  Boldly go.  (Saturdays through June 9th, Midnight. iO Del Close Theater, 3541 N. Clark, $5.  Free for iO students.  Get Tickets.)

Mom wants some nice photos of her offspring, so get some taken at the...
2. Whoniverse Cosplay Photoshoot  - Doctor Who fans will don their cosplay finest for a 6th outing, this time in Naperville.  Timey-wimey photo ops include parks, forests, and a River (Song?).  Don't have a costume?  Bring your camera, or just show up for lunch and good times.  (Saturday, May 12th, 10AM-4PM. Meet at Einstein Bros. Bagels, 1727 Freedom Dr., Naperville.  FREE.)

Mom wants you to get a damn haircut, so get one (while fundraising!) at...
3. Arcade Brewery Live Fundraising Event - There's a new craft brewery in town... almost.  Arcade Brewery is a video game-themed startup with a Kickstarter in need.  To help fund their budding brews, they're hosting a shindig at the Threadless HQ.  Guests will trade favorite beers pot-luck style, while listening to music, chatting with video game designers, and more.  Rock Razor Scissors will also be in the house, offering haircuts to the daring.  Check out those leopard print 'dos!  (Saturday, May 12th, 7-11 PM. Threadless, 1260 W. Madison Ave.  $20 suggested donation.)

Mom wants you to meet someone special, so take your best shot at...
4. The Cosplay Fantasy Prom - Anime Midwest isn't til June, but the party starts now.  A Cosplay Prom is serious business; formal or semi-formal attire is required.  Stormtroopers and the like aren't allowed, unless "altered to be formal"... so I guess a Stormtrooper with a tie would be OK?  Hrm.  Competition for best cosplay will be fierce.  Best of all, unlike MY high school prom (UGH), you can go stag.  I hope some brave gal dresses as Rinoa, and scores herself a Squall.  That would be TOO CUTE!  *_* (Saturday, May 12th, 8PM-midnight.  Wyndham Hotel Lisle/Naperville, 3000 Warrenville Rd.  $10.)

Mom wants you to be yourself, even if yourself wears a monocle, so attend...
5. The Clockwork Vaudeville - Billed as Chicago's Original Steampunk Event, this variety show is charmingly strange.  Acts include a neo-classical electro-cellist, The Lord Baron's Family Cocktail Hour, and something called a Fusion-O-Scope Music Machine.  ...I don't know what any of that is!!  My Steampunk knowledge is minimal.  The show sounds delightful, regardless.  (Saturday, May 12th, 9PM-2AM.  The Ace Bar, 1501 W. Fullerton.  $5, +$30 open bar.)

But above all, mom knows you can change the world, so pay attention to...
6. Science Hack Day Chicago - This. Is. Epic.  Hack Day is a 24-hour marathon in which web developers, designers, teachers, engineers, and other genius-types gather together and ROCK.  Creation ideas from previous events include a Youth Physical Activity Towards Health Progress Tool (Y-PATH), an Internet browser geared toward the elderly, and a real-life game of QWOP (er, ouch).  All seats are filled, but you can watch the website for results.

Ness's Mom, the greatest video game mom of all.

TO MOM:  This blog is humble.  It makes no money. It is not relevant to your interests or location.  It would go over your head if I called you my JENOVA, my Samara, my Mother Brain, my, uh... whatever Ash's mom is called in Pokemon... but you read every article.  That means the world to me.  You've always supported my geeky ways, from the cosplay photos in your wallet to seats at my Sci-Fi Christmas show.

Mom, I'm positive I got my geek genes from you.  You who has watched the same soap opera for over 26 years.  You who scoured Hobby Lobby to find the perfect piece of plastic for my Yuna prop. You who played Super Mario All-Stars relentlessly, and watched ME play Final Fantasy X (Woo, Auron!!).   I hope you're proud of me, my weird job, and my city life.  I love you.

By the way, whenever I play Earthbound/Mother 2, and Ness's mom (above) asks for my "Favorite Food," I type, "MEATLOAF."  <3

TO EVERYONE ELSE:  Call your mom on Sunday.  According to this article, you have nothing better to do.

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