My Favorite C2E2 Discovery: Free Books!

C2E2- What a weekend!   I spent Saturday dressed as Rogue from the X-Men*, and Sunday shopping around.  The con delivered all of the vendors, artists, celebs, and costumes I expected.  One booth, though, stood out above the rest: The Science Fiction Outreach Project.

Sci-Fi Outreach Logo

You couldn't miss these folks.  Their space was literally a wall of bookshelves.  Dutiful staffers darted around to restock, while others cheerfully cried, "Free Books!"  ...FREE?!  No way.  Everything at C2E2 costs money.  There had to be a catch.  A subscription?  A scam?  Cleverly-worded advertisement?

It felt great to be wrong.  Every book was 100%, honest-to-Yevon free.  They had sci-fi and fantasy, old and new, and even a few pop titles like Star Trek.  There were no limits; the staff encouraged seconds and thirds.  Geek Girl Jenn grabbed a title that was a sequel, and a friendly woman dug out the first volume to pair it with.  Strangers made recommendations to each other.  Sadly, my TARDIS purse wasn't bigger on the inside. I only got one title: Lavondyss by Robert Holdstock.

It's so refreshing to see an organization promoting reading, sharing, and the genre at large.  The Science Fiction Outreach gives out books just once a year, but they recommend Duckon, Chicon/Worldcon, Windycon, and Capricon as places to meet other readers and authors in the meantime.

Spread the love, geeks!  Donate some of your old titles for other geeks to enjoy.  I'm totally going to clear off my bookshelves for donation... only to fill said shelves all over again.  It's a lifestyle.

Pic courtesy of Gordon Dymowski.

*Look!  New profile pic!  Let me know what you think.

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