This GEEKend: Video Games Live, Karoshi-con, and local Doctor Who

You don't need me to post about The Hunger Games.  The movie premiered.  Fans flooded the midnight seats and witnessed a box office smash.  I'm happy to see Katniss; she is a stronger, more independent role model than Twilight's Bella Swan.  I'm NOT happy to see young girls fawn over the love triangle, but someone already wrote an article on that.  You don't need me to post about The Hunger Games.

You DO need me to post about these other geek events, in case the Chicago theatres are too expensive and/or crowded with tweens. ;)

TONIGHT: Video Games Live - "I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite concert in Chicagoland."  Video Games Live is a rich celebration of gaming music.  An orchestra, choir, and visual media combine to play favorites from Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog, Portal, Tomb Raider, Contra, Halo, Mass Effect, and more.   This show only hits Chicagoland once every two years.  A few tickets are still available.  If you snag one, be sure to arrive at least an hour early for the costume contest, gaming competitions, raffle, and exhibits!  GGC will be in Section 101.  (7:30 PM, Arcada Theatre, 105 E. Main, St. Charles. $39+)

Video Games Live

SATURDAY the 24th: Karoshi-con - You don't have to wait for ACen to celebrate your love of Japanese animation.  Karoshi-con is Northern Illinois University's 1-day anime convention... and it's FREE!  Events include video game tournaments, tabletop gaming, 2 panel rooms, and hours of viewing.  I'm particularly psyched about the Pokemon League Tournament; it features living, breathing gym leaders and collectible badges.  Sugoi!   Check it out.   (All day, NIU Holmes Student Center, 340 Carroll Ave, DeKalb. FREE!)


SUNDAY the 25th: Bar Tab of Rassilon - Gordon Dymowski is a local Doctor Who icon.  He writes  a fandom blog, contributes to Comic Related and the Zone4 Podcast, recently spoke at a Chicks Dig Time Lords book event, and that's not all.  Join him Sunday for the premiere of  Bar Tab of Rassilon, a weekly Doctor Who news and reviews broadcast.  They need an audience.  I have to work that afternoon.  Go in my place!  Carry my legacy!  Avenge me!!  EXTERMINATE!!!  ...*ahem*   Sorry, got out of hand.  (1:00PM, Broadcast Bar, 810 N. Clark.  FREE! ...or tune in online.)  

Enjoy the weekend, geeks, but watch out for tracker jackers.


NEXT TIME:  The all-new show at Medieval Times in Schaumburg!


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  • I used to work at a PBS station. One of our pledge was "Video Games Live" the show is really cool.

  • In reply to Patrick O’Hara:

    Hooray for public media! I used to work at an NPR station. :)

    I'm glad to hear your endorsement. I have my tickets, so I'm looking forward to a great time. Thanks for reading!

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