This Week in Chicago Geek: Stories Spoken and Written

I skipped the Oscars tonight in favor of a Supernatural Season 2 marathon.  Man, there's a show that should win awards.*  Best Male Cheekbones.  Most Creative PG-Rated Cussing.   Most Inappropriate Use of Bedroom Eyes.

...Yea, I spent a lot of time indoors today.  Fight off the stir crazies early this week with one (or both) of these local events.

MONDAY - The Nerdologues Present: Your Stories.  I did a write-up on this geeky sketch group months ago, and am happy to see them going strong.   Your Stories events are more or less open mic nights.  Some of the shared anecdotes are touching, some are funny, all are geeky.  Lately, The Nerdologues have been incorporating music into these evenings, gaining a variety show feel.  Check them out... and don't accidentally walk into the wrong show like I did last time!!  (Monday, Feb 27th, 7PM, Challengers Comics, 1845 Western.)

TUESDAY - Chicks and Guys Who Dig Time Lords: A Doctor Who-centric Discussion.  If you're a Whovian, you need to read Chicks Dig Time Lords.  It's a collection of essays, mostly first-person, about what it means to be a lady in the fandom.  The authors deliver a wide range of perspectives- writer, celeb, artist, parent, etc.  Both "old" and "new" Who share the spotlight.  I own the book, and it's brilliant.  This Tuesday, you can talk Time Lords with Editor Lynne Thomas, and get your copy signed afterward.  Mine will then hold the signatures of both editors; I can only assume this means I win something or get somebody's soul.  Well worth a trip to the 'burbs!  (Tuesday, Feb 28th, 7PM, Arlington Heights Memorial Library, 500 N. Dunton.  Register in advance).

TUESDAY (again) - Science Pub: The Reality of Climate Change and Ecosystem Impacts.  Science pubs and cafes are swell, because they marry intellectual talk with beer.  If you're a Southern-suburban type, make the trip to Flossmoor for a lecture and discussion on today's hottest (no pun intended) environmental issue.  (Tuesday, Feb 28th, 8PM, Flossmoor Station Brewery, 1035 Sterling Ave.)


*Yes, I am aware that The Oscars are for movies.  Save your angry comments for another time. <3

NEXT UP: A Review of ELDER GODS, a Lovecraft-inspired production by DreamLogic Theatreworks.

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