This GEEKend: Capricon, Karaoke, and Episode I

I'm interrupting my chain of Valentine's articles to bring you a list of things to do this GEEKend!  ...That is, if the snow lets up.  I already put a new crack in my bumper just trying to go to Target.

1.  Capricon!  This sci-fi, fantasy, and alt history convention is in its 32nd incarnation.  Their site lacks printable programming schedules, but the panels themselves look awesome.  I am particularly excited for tomorrow's talks on the NASA Art Program and science fiction in popular music.  Also, the il Troubadore Klingon Music Project will be there.  Their unique, authentic songs are a treat; if you read GGC, you should see them at least once.

2.  Karaoke at Third Coast!  I'm not sure what to expect here.  I've had some amazing karaoke nights, and some amazingly awkward ones.   However, they're always memorable.  To support this local comic shop, head out to Third Coast Comics tomorrow, the 11th, at 7PM.  Thumbs up to anyone who sings in-character as Kirk.  Or Chewbacca.  Or... does anyone know if they'll have beer?

3.  Star Wars: Episode I in 3-D!  You don't necessarily have to see it this weekend, but all of the biggest fans have already gone... thrice.  Sigh.  Admittedly, Episode I is my least favorite of the films.  I find Anakin unbearable, podracing boring, and the Gungans racist.  I'll still be there.  I can't help it!  I love lightsabers!  I love the vehicles and creatures!  I love the costumes, even the really silly ones.  I.  Love.  Star Wars.  George Lucas wins.  He will get my $15, and another $15 for each 3-D release.

Have fun!  Drive slowly, brake early, and have a great GEEKend.


Next time: The conclusion of my Valentine's posts!

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