Geek Girl Chicago Strikes Back

‎"Hello! Are you still there? I don't hate you. Hello, friend. Preparing to dispense product..."

That's right.  After a nearly 6-month hiatus, Geek Girl Chicago is back.  Why did I abandon the blogosphere for so long?  You deserve honesty, gentle reader.

One, I got exhausted by the hours I was putting in at work.  Two, I realized there were lots of other productive, talented geek bloggers in the Chi.  A certain blogger-who-shall-not-be-named didn't respond when I reached out, and I got intimidated by the idea of  (gasp) competition.   Most importantly, GGC 1.0 was focused on events.  It was really overwhelming doing that many interviews, conventions, and shows.  My writing lost its personality because I wanted to cover everything.

I did a lot in the interim.  I performed in a Sci-Fi Christmas Comedy Show at CIC.  I purchased Star Wars: The Old Republic, my first MMO, and drowned hours of life into it.  I watched all of the Game of Thrones TV series, and read American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I got passionate about costumes again, working on characters like Rogue (X-Men), Envy Adams (Scott Pilgrim), The White Witch (Narnia) and Rose Tyler (Doctor Who).   I learned about new local arcades, upcoming movies, Lord of the Rings LEGO bricks, magnetic nail polish, Geek Gourmet...

I realized I wanted to share it with all of you.  

Welcome to Geek Girl Chicago, now with 75% more sassy editorial!  ....I mean it.  They're bringing Star Wars: Episode I back to theatres.  My wrath will know no bounds.

The Blogger, who isn't actually blonde.

COMING UP NEXT...  Three posts' worth of Valentine's gifts for your Imzadi!

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  • Hey, girl! Love the idea of your blog:) Way cool!

  • Welcome back!! I remember meeting you last year at the CN event and I loved the idea of your blog! Yeah, don't worry about the competition - there is only one YOU! :)

  • Ryan - Thanks! I will be sure to read yours, too!

    And to my girl at Roses... yes, I remember you quite specifically, and still enjoy your blog. I hope to make it to the next meet up. We have months to catch up on!

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