February 11th: Geekiest Day of the Year??

So, Capricon was nice.  Their art show was particularly refreshing; I hadn't seen a setup like that since Dragon*Con.  That said, the con gave me a few more leads on geeky things to do TONIGHT!  I know these are last minute, and that I already dedicated a full post to this GEEKend... but I'm a girl that likes options.

1. Super Button Mashers: A Gamer Tribute! - OhNo!Doom is a group of 4 artists working in a multitude of media: fine art, digital, and PLUSHIES, oh my!  Their brick-and-mortar gallery space is in Bucktown.  ON!D hosts guest works year round, but tonight is shaping up to be exceptional.  Super Button Mashers will feature the work of 64 guest artists.  Each has chosen a video game to re-interpret into their own, artistic vision.  You can see previews of the art, food, and music on their Tumblr. I hope, hope, HOPE someone based a piece on Earthbound/Mother 2!!  (TONIGHT, Feb 11th, 6PM, 1800 N. Milwaukee).  Facebook

2. Hank Frisco: Galaxy Defender Premiere! - HF:GD is comedy/sci-fi web series put together by some talented locals.  Tonight, you can witness the premiere of Episode 3 at the Lincoln Tap Room.   The event promises music, dancing, arts & crafts, sweet Valentines, and more.  It's awesome to see artists contributing to a project in so many ways.  They even offer an "all-you-can-drink" price, meaning it's all probably funnier with beer!  Catch up on the earlier episodes before you go.  Cooooool robot~ (TONIGHT, Feb 11th, 9PM, 3010 N. Lincoln Ave. $5 general, $25 unlimited).  Facebook

I will be at both, and I'd love to meet you. :)

While I have you here, did you know that McDonald's has Star Wars Happy Meals?  I normally don't advocate anyone eating there- ever- but I found myself in the drive-thru today for this sole reason.  I got back to the apartment, ate all the (regrettable) food... and realized something was missing.  No toy in the box.  WELL I NEVER.

It's really difficult to be a girl in my mid-twenties, ordering a Happy Meal, you know?  Worst of all, you have to ask for the "boy" toy, as if Star Wars isn't for girls, too!!   Well, I marched all the way back to the car.  I was hoping I'd dropped the thing, because if not, I'd be driving back to McDonald's to give them 2 complaints: one about the lack of toy, and one about gender stereotyping.  Thankfully, in the snow beside my car, I found the droid I was looking for.

...R2-D2 is, in fact, the only one available that I don't think looks like, erm... well just look at Sebulba (the orange one).  Need I say more?

McDonald's Episode I Battle Tops


I'm too old for this Sith.



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  • Funny! Nice post.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Thanks! Haven't seen you on the blog before. What are your favorite geeky things?

  • Quantum mechanics. Just kidding.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    ...I work at a science museum, so that wouldn't surprise me, actually.

  • When I would collect McDonald's Happy Meal toys (Back to the Future and Tiny Toon Adventures), the restaurant would let me buy the toy separately for a dollar. Of course, this was a long while ago and different restaurants might have different policies.

  • In reply to Phil:

    Ah! I remember both of those sets! I do not think they allow it, anymore. Why? Two words: Beanie Babies.

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