Army of Darkness #1 Meets Chicago's Femme Fatales

I don't mean to be sacrilegious, but the geek world is celebrating a different kind of "Ash" Wednesday.  Today marked the beginning of the Kick ASH Tour- a multi-destination shindig celebrating Army of Darkness #1.  This new comic series puts a spin on the much-loved Evil Dead/Army of Darkness franchise.  Ash, famously portrayed by Bruce Campbell in the films, has been replaced by, well, Ash.  ...A very female Ashley Williams, that is.  She resides in an alternate universe, but the groovy girl hero faces down Deadites all the same.

Chicagoans met comic author (and Geek To Me blogger) Elliot Serrano tonight at Challengers Comics.  If you missed it, you can get your copy signed this Saturday at Scatterbrained Art Gallery.   Hail to the King.  Er, Queen.  (301 Westmore, Lombard, 5PM)

Ash+boobs isn't a new concept.  The art of gender-bending characters is rising in the costuming world, particularly with geek girls.  "Femme" re-imaginings are rapidly appearing at sci-fi and comic conventions... to mixed reviews.  Some are beautiful, creative fashion designs.  Others are little more than a Stormtrooper helmet and a bikini.   Not surprisingly, I frown upon the latter.  Let's put forth some EFFORT, ladies!

Inspired by Army of Darkness #1, I assembled this gallery of local cosplayers.  These talented chicks have turned dudes, robots, and inanimate objects into femme fatales.   If you attend C2E2, Chicago Comic Con, or any of the other cons listed on the right side of this blog... you just might see them.


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