Predator: The Musical

I mentioned Predator: The Musical in passing, but man... the concept has haunted me for weeks.  I hunted down (no pun intended) first time-director Derek Elstro for some answers.  The show is absolutely as-advertised.  Presented by Roundhouse Productions, it's a musical version of the Schwarzenegger flick.

Predator: The Musical

Brutal alien + Jazz hands = Cool.

Elstro calls it "action theatre."  You'll see all the famous characters and lines from the film.  Says the director, "We tried hard to stay faithful to the original look of the movie by dressing everyone in authentic military regalia.  Of course, there is blood and sweaty shirtless men."  ...Yup, I know that's what I go to the theatre for.

Sure, it sounds nuts, but it seems this thing has its artistic merits.  The music, composed by Will Bulka, is all original.  The face and mask of the Predator were designed exclusively for this production.  Women are well-represented, too.  A character originally portrayed by Jesse "The Body" Ventura is now played by a female.  Another actress handles two fight scenes, traverses platforms 9 ft high, and does her own repel stunts.   "It is an important thing for women that they aren't excluded from something labeled action," says Elstro.

Audience participation even allows one girl to "get her groove on with one of the gentlemen" ...whatever that means.  Let's find out together.  Predator: The Musical runs Fridays and Saturdays at 10 PM through August 20th (just extended!) at the New Rock Theatre, 3933 N. Elston.  Admission is $15.

...There probably won't be jazz hands. I'm sorry I got your hopes up.



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    WHAT? If I lived in Chicagoland I so would go see this!!

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