Episode IV (it starts with IV, right?)

"...but you don't look a geek!"

These were the words of Mike, talented graphic designer behind Raising Coconuts and one of the first people I met at Thursday's ChicagoNow Tweet-up.  You're right, Mike.  Sort of.  I don't look like the stereotype, but I look like me... and I'm a geek girl born and raised.  I love Picard, Pokemon, and Prada.  Cthulhu, Chemistry, and Clinique.  Final Fantasy, Firefly, and flirting.  Steve Jobs, Steve Madden...

Right.  This isn't going to be about me.  It's about all of us- the geek gals of Chicago who want to know each other but don't.   It's understandable.  We are diverse,  busy, and virtually invisible to one another.  Mike was correct.  In our cute shoes, contact lenses, makeup, whatever- it can be hard to tell.  For the record, ChicagoNow is FULL of geeks:

- Successful in Chicago blogs about small businesses looking to thrive in the Chi.  She also happens to be a massive Trekkie.  This lady loved the 2009 reboot- particularly young Kirk.

- Ex Posts Facto has an incredible knowledge of sports, business... and Transformers!  He can quote his favorite Twilight Zone episodes, and shares a name with Professor Xavier of X-Men fame.

- Moms Who Drink and Swear has a mouth on her, and she used it to praise the effect of comic books on her children's lives.  Amazing.

- Hammervision.  Um, have you seen their blog icon?  Enough said.

Geeks are everywhere, even in a room of suits and professional smiles.  Navigating the Tweet-up felt like a Zelda game. Triforce of Power: Getting Real.  Triforce of Courage: Stop and Blog the Roses.  Triforce of Wisdom: Show Me Chicago.  It's going to be an amazing quest.

So, hello, Chicago.  Lay swee-lon.  nuqneH.  Rammu.  This blog is a combination  event guide, product review, advice column, interview source, and more.  You'll hear from sci-fi stars and local icons, and have a place to geek out on the weekends, too.  And boys?  You're invited... as long as you can tolerate pink.


NEXT TIME:  Star Wars Burlesque!


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  • One of my favorite first posts to a blog yet. Welcome aboard.

  • In reply to Jimmy Greenfield:

    Welcome to the blogosphere and CN--a unique mix of people.
    It was great meeting you at the tweet-up and I look forward to reading your posts.

  • Welcome! Aren't we all a little geeky?

  • Pink is cool by me. I am going to spread the word about this blog. I met a really cool Geek Girl the other day. She was rocking a "Blade Runner" umbrella with a glowing tube. I was jealous. My umbrella looks like it came from "Regarding Henry."

  • Since CN still hasn't embedded the exact time when people post, it's 2:30AM Sat, July 2nd, fyi.....here's my first semi-inebriated comment on the new site, and it's on this blog. Why? Cause it's on the top of the home page at the moment.....

    Here's my thing with geek girls...they love me, mostly b/c I have an above average man-being, but also partly b/c I wear heavy black rimmed glasses and tight jeans....not outside, but in bed, and sometimes in the shower. I also say I'm part Asian...geeky girls love that multi-ethnicity ish. I use to get geek chicks in bed after I said I did meth, but that game hasn't been working lately. I may have to change that up and say I sniff NOx. But the underlying reason why I score with geek girls is the first point I made, my above average man-being. Thus, at the end of the day, geek girls aren't all that different from other females who recognize mad game and phenomenal obliques when they sniff it.

    Nice first pitch Troppy...

  • I love this (and not just because I'm mentioned in it). :)

  • Great first post!! And thanks for the mention :) It was so nice to meet you on Thursday! Can't wait to read more Geek Girl Chicago!

  • Howdy fellow ChicagoNow blogger! I'm also quite the geek. I love sci-fi and fantasy and do cosplay at conventions. I <3 being a geek :-)

  • Thanks for the mention. Didn't really get to talk to you much at the Tweet-up but meant to. My daughter is a major geek, majoring in computer science and hoping to get into video game design. So I know she would be very interested in reading about girl gamers and game designers. BTW, she gets a lot of attention because she's a woman in computer science - not just from the geek guys but from various organizations, employers, and the media. In fact, she gets 10 x the Google results that I do.

  • It was great to meet you and thanks so much for the shout-out! Looking forward to following you and feeding my inner geek.

  • Welcome! I'm looking forward to reading more. I'm wondering if I'm more quirky than geeky, but if a lack of sci-fi and technology trivia knowledge doesn't bar me from officially using the title, I'm proud to be one of Chicago's geeky girls!

  • I like Captain Picard. Think he's a hottie. It was nice meeting you at the Tweet-up, and many thanks for the mention! Looking forward to more from the Geek Girl...Make it so.

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